The following are signs that may indicate abuse, exploitation or neglect are occurring:

Physical Abuse

• Frequent injuries such as bruises, burns, broken bones, especially when the explanation for the cause of the injury does not seem plausible
• Over medication/sedation
• Multiple bruises in various stages of healing, particularly bruises on inner arms or thighs
• Victim appears frightened or withdrawn.
• Victim has been locked in a room or tied up

Sexual Abuse

• Evidence of sexually transmitted disease
• Irritation or injuries to mouth, genitals or anus
• Victim acts upset when changed or bathed
• Victim appears fearful when with a particular person


• Filthy living environment
• Lack of medical attention
• Lack of dentures, hearing aids, glasses
• Malnutrition, dehydration
• Clothing is inadequate for the climate
• Poor hygiene

Financial Exploitation

• Unusual activity in bank account; sudden large withdrawals; expenditures that are not consistent with victim’s past financial history

• Use of Automated Teller Machines by person who with no history of using ATMs or who cannot access one due to a disability • Signing over rights on legal papers without understanding what the papers mean

• Eviction for nonpayment of rent; house in foreclosure; utilities shut off, lack of food, clothing or personal supplies

• Title to home signed over in exchange for promise of "life-long care"

Fight Back Against Scams!

• Consumer rip-offs can be the basis for theft cases. If the victim is an at-risk adult, special penalties apply.

• Home-improvement rip-offs, car repairs not done, telemarketing or door-to-door sales, hearing aids, misrepresentations and fraudulent charitable solicitations – all should be reported to your local district attorney. You will be treated with courtesy and empathy.

For more information: Link to www.ccerap.org Colorado Coalition for Elder Abuse and Adult Protection, a program of the Colorado State Unit On Aging and the Colorado Non-Profit Development Center"


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