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Older Adults and Mental Health
The majority of older Americans successfully cope with the physical and cognitive changes associated with aging as well as various losses, such as the loss of family and friends that frequently are associated with late life. However, a substantial proportion of the population aged 55 years and older—almost 20 percent of this age group—experience specific mental disorders that are not part of “normal” aging including:

• depression
• anxiety disorders
• dementia including Alzheimer’s disease

which can be debilitating and severely affect an older adult’s quality of life. (from: http://www.cdc/gov/aging/info.htm)

Fall Prevention Hotline for
Aurora and Westminster Residents

Slips and falls are the #1 cause of injury-related deaths for people over the age of 65, and are the most frequent reason for hospital trauma admissions among older adults.

Despite being labeled “accidents,” many fall-related injuries and deaths are actually predictable and preventable.
There are four simple steps that can help prevent injuries from falls:
• physical activity to improve balance
• evaluation of medicines that might cause dizziness
• getting a yearly eye exam
• eliminating the hazards at home that could lead to slips and falls

In an effort to prevent these injuries and deaths, Tri-County Health Department has collaborated with over 40 local agencies to create the Fall Prevention Network referral system, a coordinated community referral service available to Aurora and Westminster residents.

“This collaboration of diverse service providers is vitally important, since of those people over 65 who are hospitalized with a hip fracture, half cannot return home or live independently,” states Richard L. Vogt, MD, Executive Director of Tri-County Health Department. “It is tragic that so many of these slips and falls could have easily been prevented.”

By calling the referral line at 303-629-4931, older adults living in Aurora and Westminster can access a wide variety of programs that address the above four key steps in fall oprevention.

A trained referral specialist works with callers to assess their risk for falls and makes the appropriate referrals to reduce their risk. Additional communities will be added in the future.

This collaborative project is sponsored by local governmental entities and community organizations, and is funded by The Colorado Trust as part of the Partnerships for Health Initiative, which is designed to improve the coordination of health services at the community level.

To access the Fall Prevention Network, older adults in Aurora and Westminster or their caregivers can call 303-629-4931 during business hours, or visit the website at http://www.fallpreventionnetwork.com

also visit this website for more information

Click here to read more and see how safe your home is

Assistive Technology

What is AT? Assistive Technology are the tools and resources used by individuals to help improve their quality of life, such as a hearing aid, a talking alarm clock, a knee brace, manual and power wheelchairs or, it can be more sophisticated, such as a voice-activated computer systems or stair climbing wheelchairs.

AT tools assist a person with dressing or cooking, and help people stay in contact with friends and family through electronic adaptation devices such as computers, or special telephones.

AT help people on the job, at home and in the community. AT tools and services are necessities, not luxury items. The tools empower people to control their lives and their futures.

During Assistive Technology Awareness week, agencies and organizations will be highlighting technology in a variety of ways: open houses, demonstrations on the use of assistive technology, and poster sessions.

For more information on events in your area or to explore ways that you can promote AT Awareness, contact:
Assistive Technology Partners at 1-800-255-3477, or locally at 303-315-1280 or through email at
Oral Health Care
Staying healthy and looking good are two main wishes of today's seniors. Exercising and eating right are important. Equally important as good general health for seniors is good oral care of teeth and gums. Simply by brushing twice a day with fluoride, toothpaste and flossing daily seniors can avoid many oral health problems. Regular dental checkups and having their teeth professionally cleaned are also important. Click here for oral care health tips.
Radon Testing For Your Home
Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas released in rock, soil, and water from the natural decay of uranium. While levels in outdoor air pose a relatively low threat to human health, radon can accumulate to dangerous levels inside buildings. You can’t see, smell, or taste it, but an elevated radon level in your home may be affecting the health of your family.

Healthy Aging Programs offer health and wellness classes to low income seniors in Denver Metro Area housing facilities and recreation centers. Seniors receive information on nutrition and chronic disease self-management along with physical activity classes offered by certified instructors and/or registered dieticians. -

Get Out and Move
Exercise is essential to maintaining good health, good posture and self esteem. Research has shown that physical activity can help prevent or improve chronic disease and maintain function in older adults. Always consult your physician before starting any exercise routine.

Regular activity can
• Give you more energy
• Help you sleep better
• Control your weight
• Make your heart stronger
• Decrease depression
• Lower blood pressure
• Strengthen bones - slowing down osteoporosis

With warmer weather here, make an effort to get out and walk, ride your bike, play golf, or swim.

Exercise can be particularly beneficial for those with arthritis. Regular activity strengthens your muscles and joints and encourages circulation of nutrients and oxygen to vital organs and joint structures.

Click here for information about why exercise is good for arthritis -

Click here for information on Range-of-Motion exercises -

Click here for information on Strengthening exercises -

Does someone you love need help with prescription costs?

The Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program, within the Colorado Division of Insurance, helps people enrolled in Medicare with questions about health insurance. Topics addressed by the program include Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap), Medicare HMOs, Medicaid assistance for people on Medicare, and long-term care insurance.

The program trains counselors working through regional organizations around the state to provide: individual counseling and assistance; public education presentations about Medicare, related health insurance, and Medicare fraud; and distribution of printed materials about these health insurances.

Consumers may contact their regional community program by calling toll-free 1-888-696-7213. The Denver regional affiliate can be accessed statewide by calling toll free 1-800-544-9181 or 303-899-5151.

Information on this website includes: frequently asked questions about Medicare; Medicare supplement insurance price comparisons; Medicare HMO benefit comparisons; information on Medicaid eligibility for assistance with nursing home and home care costs; and information about long-term care insurance and companies offering this coverage.

Social Security and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are working together to get Medicare beneficiaries extra help with their prescription drug costs. You can help someone you care about apply for this extra help.

Vaccinations for Adults You’re NEVER too old to get immunized!

Get more involved with your Health Care

Combatting Depression
(article from AARP)
Many people mistakenly believe that depression is normal for older people and that little can be done about it. Depression may be more common among older people, but it is not an inevitable part of aging. Depression is a serious medical disorder with biological causes that can be treated effectively in most people.

This Staying Sharp pamphlet identifies symptoms and causes of depression. You'll learn what's new in brain research and get some tips on managing stress and getting help for depression.


Alzheimer's’ Association
For 25 years, the donor-supported, not-for-profit Alzheimer’s Association has provided reliable information and care consultation; created supportive services for families; increased funding for dementia research; and influenced public policy changes.

Alzheimer's Association, Colorado Chapter
Catch up on the latest news about the Colorado Chapter, medical research, and more.
American Cancer Society
The website for the American Cancer Society is a complete resource center for information on cancer prevention, awareness, types of treatment, complementary and alternative treatment methods, treatment centers and much more. Information is provided in Spanish/Espanol.

American Diabetes Association
The American Diabetes Association is the nation's leading nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information and advocacy. Founded in 1940, the American Diabetes Association conducts programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, reaching hundreds of communities.

American Heart Association
The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency whose mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

American Lung Association
The mission of the American Lung Association is to prevent lung disease and to promote lung health. Their website provides information on lung disease prevention, data and statistical information. Information is provided in Spanish/Espanol.

American Parkinson Disease Association
founded in 1961 to "ease the burden and find a cure" for Parkinson's disease. Headquartered in New York, the organization focuses its energies on research, patient support, education and raising public awareness of the disease.

American Prostate Society
The American Prostate Society was created with the mission of reducing the suffering and deaths causes by prostate diseases through education, awareness and service to the community. Their site features a section that answers the most frequently asked questions about the disease.
American Speech-Language Hearing Association
The American Speech-Language Hearing Association's mission is to ensure that all people with speech, language, and hearing disorders have access to quality services to help them communicate more effectively. Their website offers information on speech, language, hearing and balance as well as how to find an audiologist or speech-language pathologist. Resources are offered in Spanish/Espanol.
Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation website gives you information on many different forms of arthritis plus offers ways to make life easier while living with the disease. The Foundation's goal is to improve lives through leadership in prevention, control and cure of the disease. They offer information in Spanish/Espanol.
BenefitsCheckUp Colorado
is an online screening tool to help older adults find public and private programs to help with health care, food, utility expenses and more. The screening is free and confidential. Call 303-629-4996 or 1-866-550-2752 for more information.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
This web site offers comprehensive Medicare information in an easy to understand format that covers eligibility, enrollment and benefits.
Colorado Department of Health
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is committed to protecting and preserving the health and environment of the people of Colorado.
Colorado Department of Health Facilities
The Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division assures that patients and residents receive quality care from health facilities and programs which are licensed and/or certified and promotes health and safety through on-site inspections and complaint investigations. The division licenses, certifies and inspects the following types of healthcare providers.
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC)
The Colorado Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC) is Colorado's health care quality improvement organization (QIO). CFMC works collaboratively with the Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE programs, as well as health providers and managed care companies, to improve the quality of health care and assure appropriate utilization. There services include: 1) helping people with Medicare coverage to understand their rights and responsibilities; 2) working with health care providers to improve the quality of care and; 3) a hotline for Medicare beneficiaries who have concerns about the quality of health care they receive.

Colorado Gerontological Society and Senior Answers and Services
These are both local nonprofit organizations dedicated to education and the dissemination of information pertinent to seniors and professionals in the field of aging.

Colorado Neurological Institute
The Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) is the largest, most comprehensive neuroscience center in the Rocky Mountain region. Integrated, multi-disciplinary teams of neuroscientists provide comprehensive care for adults with neurological disorders and adults and children with hearing loss and ear disease.
Colorado Parks and Recreation Association
This site provides information on Colorado parks, recreation and leisure activities.
Community Mental Health Centers
See a listing of all the Colorado Community Mental Health Centers.
Complaints and Advocacy - National Ombudsman Resource Center
The National Long Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center provides support, technical assistance and training to the 53 State Long Term Care Ombudsman Programs and their statewide networks of almost 600 regional (local) programs.

Health Insurance Counseling for Seniors
is a free, full-service counseling program that provides information to seniors about Medicare and other health insurance issues of interest to older adults and the disabled. Areas covered include Medicare benefits, appeals, Medigap insurance, employer health plans, long-term care insurance and Medicaid. We also help sort and file Medicare claims. We do not recommend, endorse or promote any insurance company, policy or agent. Call 303-629-4940 or toll-free at 1-800-544-9181.

A medical and health consumer information resource containing comprehensive and unbiased information in patient-friendly language from trusted sources on over 1,500 health topics, 70 focused health centers, and more than 11,000 drugs and medications.

Health Passport
Health Passport is for people like you who want to live better, be healthier, stay active, meet interesting people, and contribute to their community. Offering health and wellness education and lifelong learning and travel opportunities, Health Passport is a free membership program. Call 303-629-4921 for information, class schedules and to register.

Health Passport Links
helps low-income seniors who are eligible for Medicaid and other public benefits, assisting with the application process and advocating for seniors who are trying to navigate through the vast Medicaid network.  Multiple programs are available based on different income and asset amounts. Call 303-629-4996 or toll-free 1-866-550-2752 for information.

Healthier Living
is a six week, lay lead, evidence based participant education program that provides information and teaches practical skills on managing chronic health problems such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and diabetes. Call 303-629-4921 for information, class schedules and to register
Longterm Care Options
Coordinates services for people who need assistance with daily activities .

Medicare Part D Assistance
is a free, one-to-one counseling service to help Medicare beneficiaries identify the best Medicare Prescription Drug program to meet their medication needs. Counselors also help determine eligibility for the Extra Help/Low-Income Subsidy application. Call RxAssist at 303-629-4937 or toll-free at 1-866-550-2752.

This site offers doctor-produces relevant, easy to read, in-depth medical information for consumers. All information on their site is written, reviewed and/or edited by one or more board-certified physicians.
Mills Milers and Westminster Walkers
are community-oriented walking programs from St. Anthony Hospitals Health Passport. “Milers” meet at Colorado Mills; “Walkers” gather at St. Anthony North Hospital. Monthly meetings for both include health-related discussions, blood pressure checks, chair massages, incentives for walking and more. Call 303-629-4921 for information, class schedules and to register.
‘N Balance
is an eight week, evidence based fall prevention exercise class which focuses on sitting, standing and moving progressions for strength, gait, posture, cognition, equilibrium, and other balance related systems. Call 303-629-4921 for information, class schedules and to register.
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Society and its network of chapters nationwide promote research, educate, advocate on critical issues, and organize a wide range of programs — including support for the newly diagnosed and those living with MS over time.
National Stroke Association
This is the website for the National Stroke Association. It offers information about the prevention and treatment of stroke plus provides help for the family and caregiver.
North American Menopause Society
The North American Menopause Society is dedicated to promoting understanding of menopause, and thereby improving the health of women as they approach menopause and beyond. Their website provides general information about menopause.
Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatica - Confronting Pancreatic Cancer provides a concentrated wealth of current and topical scientific and medical information about pancreatic cancer.
Parkinson's Disease
The Parkinson's Association of the Rockies provides education, awareness and support for Parkinson parents, families and health care providers in the Rocky Mountain region.
Psychology Information Online
The Psychology Information Online website explains depression, its causes, diagnosis and types. It offers help for fighting depression and includes a special section on depression in the elderly.
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
The mission of the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center is to help people living with MS and their families lead a quality life by providing individualized care, support, education and research.

Rocky Mountain Stroke Association
A non-profit community service agency with many programs for stroke survivors and their families

Rural Health Clinics
Facility information presented by geographic location. Select a specific city or county.

is a free telephone counseling service to help determine if there are programs available to lower the cost of medications. Counselors also assist in the application process. Call RxAssist at 303-629-4937 or toll-free at 1-866-550-2752.

Seniors Inc
The Medicaid Outreach Program helps low-income seniors who are eligible for Medicaid and other public benefits, assisting with the application process and advocating for seniors who are trying to navigate through the vast Medicaid network.  Once enrolled, this program saves seniors over $1,000 a year in premiums. Eligiblity for Medicaid is based on income of less than $1170 per month.
Total Longterm Care
Total Longterm Care provides services that enable frail individuals to live in their communities
Visiting Nurses Association
Professional care and equipment for the sick, the elderly, and the disabled



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