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Paul Ryan: Being House speaker isn't family friendly

11:51 AM ET, Jan 24, 2014
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Paul Ryan may have wanted to be vice president, but being speaker of the House isn't a job he covets.

The Wisconsin congressman told a San Antonio audience during a luncheon Thursday that John Boehner's gig isn't family friendly.

"When Janna and I joined (Mitt Romney's presidential) ticket, we looked at what would this do to our family, and we realized that actually we would see each other more in the vice presidency than as a member of the House," Ryan said, according to Politico. "We would see each other less in the speakership than as a member of the House."

Will he run for president in 2016? He's keeping his "options open," Politico reports.

Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, confesses he's "more of a policy person" and not a leadership-type, where a job such as speaker requires traveling around the country on weekends to raise money and help lawmakers win re-election.

"I prefer spending my days on policy and my weekends at home with my family," said Ryan, who has three children. "I'm four days a week in D.C. and three days a week in Janesville — it's a good mix, I like that mix."

Ryan's comments came during a luncheon sponsored by chambers of commerce and The Texas Tribune.

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