Jordan Anderson

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  • 2008 9Kid Who Cares Jordan Anderson
  • Jordan shows off his ball handling skills during practice
  • Jordan directs a player during practice at Otis High School
  • Jordan leads the middle school basketball team in a Bulldog cheer
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"I grew up in a town where baseball was a big thing so I came up learning the fundamentals my whole life. I came out here and was playing with kids that didn't know the fundamentals was hard for me".

"That was my focus in practice everyday… teaching fundamentals".

The students Jordan coaches at Otis Middle School are encouraged everyday and learn so much from Jordan's personal athletic ability and success.

"He's worked extremely hard and he's had some great achievements and I want those some day," said 8th grader Jared Allacher.

Jordan not only cares for basketball and baseball, he shows great concern for his community. A neighbor recovering from a cancer surgery was asked by the town to clean up his vacant back yard. Jordan and his three brothers took it upon themselves to clean up the yard by cutting weeds and hauling junked vehicles.

The Anderson family also actively volunteers for their church, and Jordan's father has also coached several pee-wee and after school sports teams. So it is no wonder that Jordan is such a noble contribution to the town of Otis.

"His interaction with the kids makes it a positive experience for them and that's the key in getting kids to participate in sports," Bonnie Kuntz, Coach.

By combing two of his greatest passions; helping the community, and sports- Jordan spends 8-10 hours off his summer days volunteering for the Summer Recreation Program. There are also the hours he puts into the middle school teams. Yet spending his time to help other kids would never come as a burden to this high school senior.

"The most satisfying part when you see them use something that you taught them in a game," explains Jordan. "In practice they might listen to you and they might do it once or twice, but then once you see them use it in a game… you're like 'I did that.' That's fun".

Please join 9NEWS and College In Colorado in congratulating Jordan Anderson, a 2008 9Kid Who Cares.

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