Norma Bonilla

6:46 AM, Feb 21, 2008   |    comments
  • 2008 9Kid Who Cares Norma Bonilla
  • Norma helps students with their homework at Girls Incorporated in Denver
  • Girls surround Norma at Girls Inc.
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Norma shares her book smarts with the fifth and sixth graders in the after school program at Girls Incorporated, often helping them with their assignments. "I try to get them to enjoy their homework. It's not something that kids usually enjoy doing."

"I try to help them visualize it," she continued. "When you see it on paper, it's words and letters, and that's all you see. I use examples. I try to say well, if you have this much money and you give me this much money how much do you have left. "

She hopes that she can be an example for girls in the program. "People, espessially little kids, want to be like other people."

"They shouldn't be held down by other people's standards," she added. "They should get as much exposure of different kids of people so they can figure out who they want to be."

"Like if somebody tells them, 'you're going to read a book, That's so nerdy.' They can say, 'you know what it's interesting to me and that's what I like to do, so I'm going to go do it."

Norma knows how important having a role model can be. Hers is her older sister Eva. "She's the oldest girl in my family… and she goes to DU, which I think is pretty incredible. Coming from where we come from… a low income family… coming from a public school, she goes to a private school–full ride scholarship.

Next year, Norma plans to follow Eva's lead to college–maybe even to Stamford. She says she'd like to become a teacher or a lawyer one day. "I just want to do something that will help other people," Norma said.

Please join 9NEWS and College In Colorado in congratulating Norma Bonilla, a 2008 9Kid Who Cares.

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