Boy who survived polar-bear attack shares his story

12:25 PM, Sep 2, 2011   |    comments
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Sixteen-year-old Patrick Flinders managed to fight off the bear even though it had his head in its jaws. He and a group of young people from the UK were on a five-week expedition in the remote arctic circle when the attack took place.

The expedition was organized by the british schools exploring society.

"I remember the bear ripping through the tent. Everyone screaming. Looking at my sleeping bag just seeing people really scared seeing the polar bear. Then, it grabbed my arm, grabbed my head, biting it," Flinders said. "I was punching it as it was biting my head, and I just wanted to get it off me, so I thought that was the only way to get it off me just by hitting it. I was repeatedly hitting it to try and get it off me."

Seventeen-year-old Horatio Chapple died and several others were injured when the polar bear entered their camp on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

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