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Study: Denver No. 4 in U.S. for speed traps

9:41 PM, Sep 5, 2011   |    comments
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If you're driving through Denver, a new report suggests you may want to slow down.

The National Motorists Association ranks the City of Denver fourth in the country when it comes to the number of speed traps.

Denver Police calls them "speed enforcement operations."

DPD says they're not trapping anyone, simply enforcing the speed limit along busy roads.

Some drivers who commented to 9NEWS think Denver Police should be spending their time on more important things, yet others support the idea of so-called speed traps.

Colorado Springs ranked eighth on the list.

According to the National Motorists Association (NMA), since September of 2009, these are the cities in the U.S. and Canada with the most reported speed traps per 100,000 residents (per the 2010 census):

1. Livonia, Michigan - 27.9 speed traps per 100,000 residents
2. Windsor, Ontario - 17.6
3. Orlando, Florida - 17.2
4. Las Vegas, Nevada - 11.1
5. Denver, Colorado - 10.9
6. Reno, Nevada - 10.4
7. Tampa, Florida - 8.9
8. Colorado Springs, Colorado - 7.2
9. Austin, Texas - 6.1
10. Sarasota, Florida - 6.1
11. Portland, Oregon - 5.8
12. Jacksonville, Florida - 5.4
13. San Antonio, Texas (Bexar County) - 5.3
14. Fresno, California - 5.0
15. Hamilton, Ontario - 5.0
16. New Orleans, Louisiana - 4.7
17. Toronto, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) - 4.7
18. Houston, Texas (Harris County) - 4.0
19. Edmonton, Alberta - 3.3
20. San Diego, California (San Diego County) - 3.2
21. Indianapolis, Indiana - 3.2
22. San Jose, California - 3.1
23. Chicago, Illinois (Cook County) - 1.9
24. Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles County) - 1.6
25. New York, New York (5 boroughs) - 0.9

Local drivers are mixed about Denver's high ranking.

"I think people in the Denver metro area speed too much, and I think it's a good way of enforcing the speed limit," Maryam Hasoori said.

"I think maybe we should probably lay off on that, and have the Denver Police focus on more serious crimes than just speeding," Abram Escalante said.

Police say they use federal grants to help pay for speed enforcement operations around the city.

DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson tells 9NEWS traffic officers usually set up at locations where speeders can put the public at risk, or spots where residents have been complaining about fast drivers.

Jackson says speeders can cause accidents and fatal crashes.

Our 9NEWS Facebook page had a lot of comments on the issue.

The NMA has also set up a link for drivers to let each other know about speed traps:

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