Chart-topper Kesha strips down in Denver

9:50 AM, Feb 20, 2011   |    comments
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DENVER - Kesha rocked the ever-loving faces off of her hysterical young Denver fanbase Saturday night, cranking the sleaze up to 11 and striking terror into the hearts of the many parents in the crowd.

You have to give Kesha (sorry fangirls, no dollar signs here) credit for sticking to her R-rated guns in spite of the all-ages audience. She didn't shy away from profanity on tracks and her bondage-superhero costume didn't leave much to the imagination. Props, too, for the full live band and Kesha's surprising ability to handle her own guitars, drums and mixing gear. Although to be fair, there were times where she seemed to be getting a lot of help from the folks at the soundboard.


For non-groupies, one highlight was a rocking pop-metal version of "Party at a Rich Dude's House" that brought the whole band to the front for a series of respectable solos. It made Kesha's recent comments that her next album might be a straight-ahead rock record that much more believable.

Opening for Kesha was Beardo, quite possibly the worst act ever to perform at the Fillmore. Nominally a 3OH!3-style joke-rapper, the man's only skills seemed to be talking about his tattoos and screaming along to a pre-recorded backing track. Badly.

View pictures from Kesha's concert in Denver.

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