Jillian Michaels: Why she came back to Biggest Loser

10:08 AM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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Michaels made her return to "The Biggest Loser" as a trainer on Sunday's premiere of season 14 after taking a two-cycle break from the weight-loss competition. And this time, it sounds like she won't be leaving again for awhile. 

Michaels  said that she was excited to be back and that "I will stay on ('Loser') as long as you'll have me!"

"You leave the show, you want to do new things. Everyone's like, 'That's great! Good for you! We support you. Can you go back to 'Biggest Loser'?' " she told reporters. "(Fellow trainer) Bob Harper and I saw Madonna in concert recently and she played new music, and we were like, 'Cool! When is she going to play 'Holiday'?' 'Biggest Loser' is sort of my version of 'Holiday.'"

Michaels also said she "greatly underestimated how inspired" viewers are by the program. "Childhood obesity of course is something we've all fought on myriad fronts. Bob works with the first lady. I work with the Clinton Foundation. (Trainer) Dolvett Quince does all that he does. Having a vehicle like 'Biggest Loser,' the resources and the exposure to be able to exploit that is really exciting."

One thing the trainer is known for is her harsh words and tough love for her contestants. When asked if she thought the players would feel let down if -- thanks to her reputation -- she didn't swear at them, Michaels was quick to shoot that down. "No, I don't think they'd be disappointed at all!" she laughed.

But there is a reason for the tough act.

"What seems like television to the American public to us is a life or death intervention," she explained. "So when we get crazy, when we get intense, we do it for a reason."

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