TV tonight: 'The Big Bang Theory,' '20/20'

7:45 AM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
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USA TODAY - What's worth watching, and what might not be, in prime time on Thursday.

The Big Bang Theory | CBS, 8 ET/PT

Some gifts just keep on giving - or returning - which in TV terms translates into a traditional post-Christmas night of reruns. At least CBS is kicking the evening off with a good one: The Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode from last May that amusingly and adroitly moved Sheldon and Amy's mostly faux relationship into the realm of the possible. CBS is teaming Bang with a three-episode blast of The Millers, which you can take as a sign from the network that it's committed to the show. Which is the same message, by the way, A&E has been sending today with its own Duck Dynasty marathon.

The Godfather, Part II | AMC, 9:30 ET/PT

AMC is giving a back-to-back airing of Francis Ford Coppola's two great Mob classics, The Godfather (5:30 ET/PT) followed by The Godfather, Part II (9:30 ET/PT), a film many critics have called the best sequel ever made. If you're a film buff and you've never seen these movies, you really should - but you may want to record them first. The airtime allotted indicates a fairly heavy commercial load.

20/20 | ABC, 9 ET/PT

ABC's newsmagazine devotes its evening to Mysteries of the Castle: Beyond Downton Abbey, a two-hour look at the real English castle it says inspired the PBS hit. Well, that's one way to avoid the journalistic problems 60 Minutes has faced of late.

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