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Gadgets: A cleaner restroom for your next visit

8:31 AM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - From the Why Didn't I Think Of That Department: hands-free, automatic toilet seat covers.

Brill Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

The designers of this item say using a hands-free, sanitary toilet seat and toilet seat covers, there's no fumbling with flimsy paper seat covers, or washing the seat prior to use. 

Brill Sanitary Toilet Seats are designed to change toilet seat covers automatically after a hand is waived in front of a wall mounted, hands-free sensor. The end result is a fresh clean toilet seat for each user. Restaurants, casinos and airports have installed the new seats. So too, has the nation's best known germaphobe, Howie Mandel, who's installed them in his home:

Moneual Rydis Hybrid Robot Vacuum & Dry Mop Cleaner

This is described as one of the newest things on the robot cleaner front. The device has a high powered BLDC motor with twin side brushes, iron phosphate battery, smart sensor system and motion controller.

You can choose from a selection of modes to fit your space. It's compact and can do concentrated cleaning under furniture too:

Think Geek Mega Stomp Panic

The ThinkGeek Mega Stomp Panic is a fun little box that lets you sound like a giant monster, a pirate, a video game hero, and more. It could be what takes your Halloween costume to the next level.

It clips to your belt that generates different sound effects when you walk and stop, providing ambient noise to reflect your costume. It comes with nine different sound effect tracks, and the included motion sensor adjusts the track based on your movement:


This is a ghosting activity kit that lets kids have fun playing a game of haunted house tag. The kit comes with a lighted ghost, goodie bag, door hangers and Ghost Mission sheet.

Here's the idea: you give your ghost a name, register it online, then sneak up to a friend's doorstep and hang your ghost and goodie bag on the door, then run away before you're spotted.

The friends you "ghost" then go online to see who ghosted them and they continue the haunted house tag until everybody gets a chance. Learn more at

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