Gadgets: Wearable soda pop bottles

9:01 AM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - Denver-based Ecocentric Brands says the formula is really quite simple. Take some soda pop plastic trash, shred it, spin it and then wear it.

Ecocentric Brands

They make tees, hoodies and bags, all from recycled plastic soda bottles, as well as from ketchup containers and food trays that might otherwise end up in landfills. The colors all take their cues from the recycling world including Soda Pop Green, and Clear Bottle White.

Each item you buy can keep as many as six plastic bottles from the landfill. Learn more at

Cholula Bros. Mining Company Coffee

This Colorado-made, handcrafted coffee is roasted in a Black Hawk barn at ten thousand feet; higher than any other coffee roaster in Colorado. They like to say these hand-crafted beans are as legendary as the Colorado Gold Rush. Learn more by visiting

Coyote Roller

The Coyote Roller is a patented, ribbed roller that mounts to the top of your backyard fence, making it difficult for coyotes to gain the foothill they need to pull themselves up and over the top.

It's not just coyotes; the rollers also keep dogs in yards and can protect livestock enclosures and chicken pens. They also keep squirrels from running across fencetops.

Learn more at


This is described as a no-touch system for picking up after your pooch. Here's how it work: lower the barrel of the Auggiedog over the poop, select the "collect and lift" switch, then push the pickup/release button.

When collected and ready, the augger will rotate the poop into a container or toilet. Keep the Auggiedog in a Clean Station between uses. is the website. 

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