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Gadgets: The world's tiniest RC helicopter

10:15 AM, Dec 12, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - Sky 9 looks gigantic next to this little flying beauty, which is in the Guinness World Book of records as the tiniest RC flying machine on Earth.

Nano Falcon

The Nano Falcon is described as the world's smallest remote control helicopter. Weighs just 11 grams or just point three ounces. The Nano Falcon comes with a compact transmitter and charging dock. $49.

The Beatrix Girls

These are 12 inch pop star dolls who really know how to rock.
They create real music that young girls can collect and enjoy.
A producer who's worked on The Rugrats, The Simpsons and Family Guy is behind this popular line.

Braydon is the front girl for the band and writes most of the songs. There's also Ainsley, Lark & Chantal. You can join their fan club and get access to free music, videos and more. Find 'em at Toys R Us.

Sparkle Knits Greeting Cards

These are cards wrapped in festive mini-fleece sweaters.
Pull up on the clothes hanger to enjoy a Christmas tune; the sweater lights up and twinkles. or at card stores.

The Knot Genie

This line of detangling brushes were created for every mom that's become frustrated with brushing their daughter's hair. Even the curliest, most knotted up hair just about slips through these uniquely shaped bristles. Gentle, and painless.
Stops breakage and split ends too.

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