Gadgets: The coolest photo accessory for the iPhone yet

8:40 AM, Dec 18, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA -  A lot of photographers and videographers are excited about the Motrr Galileo robotic iPhone mount.

This little gadget began life as a kickstarter. Our test device was a Bluetooth model. The squat cylinder measures about 3.25" in diameter and is just two inches tall. There's a micro-USB port on one side for charging, one LED for battery status on the bottom, and several rubberized "cups" that make a tight fit of your iPhone or iPod touch so it doesn't fall out during a photo shoot.

Lots of Apps let you do everything from 360° spherical photography to time lapses to turning the Galileo into a remote-control security monitor with the help of another mobile device.

To link a Galileo-enabled app with the device, you simply twist the bottom and top parts of the mount to send a pairing signal to the iPhone. That's it. Learn more at

Copenhagen Wheel

A group of MIT grads are launching a high-tech product designed to turn any bicycle into an electric-hybrid vehicle. They do it with the help of something they call The Copenhagen Wheel. All you do, is change the back wheel out.

When you ride the bike, it captures your energy and then it gives you a push automatically when you need it. If you run out of pedal power, the special wheel kicks in, pushing along as you ride, up to 20 miles per hour. The bike has a range of 30 miles. High tech sensors inside the wheel keep everything on track. It also connects to your smart phone so you can track your calories and lock the wheel remotely for security. 

Rain Raps & Survival Straps

Rain Raps are handy little waterproof wraps that are a hands-free alternative to raincoats and umbrellas. They feel like silk, are water repellent, and drape perfectly. Eight different colors.

Survival Straps are great accessories for anybody doing backcountry fun in Colorado; each strap doubles as a para-cord rope in emergencies.

Flip Belt

The Flip Belt is a hands-free way to stash your phone, your keys, and your credit cards while you're out hiking, biking or working out. You simply slip it on your waist, then flip the belt to lock in your items. Reflective colors; no chafing either!  


A young entrepreneur from Elizabeth named Kanda has brought her uniquely simple Pocket-Bags business online.

Each bag, sold individually and in sets of three, fits into the palm of your hand. Filled with rice, the Pocket-Bags need to be heated in the microwave for about 20 seconds. They are meant to go in your pockets on a cold winter's day. Kanda also makes Date Night Baskets filled with Pocket-Bags, mugs, popcorn, hot cocoa and a movie. 


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