Gadgets for burly men and women

9:31 AM, Jan 15, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - This edition of Gadgets features items from the International Sportsmen's Expo at the Colorado Convention Center.

Crovel Extreme II

This is a multi-tool that gives outdoor lovers a lot of options.

a. THE SHOVEL HEAD - is made of Chromoly Alloy with precision sharpened edges, saw tooth edge, and bottle opener. You can fold this up, so it looks like a shovel.
b. THE EDGE - (the shovel edge) can be used for cutting, chopping and sawing.
c. THE HANDLE - is made of 14-inch hollow steel that can store other survival items like a fire stick, fishing hooks and line, water purification tables, snare wire, flashlight and knife. (not included)
d. THE HAMMERHEAD and CLAW - can be used as a hammer -- and the claw -- used like a crowbar (for woodworking chisel, or as a pry tool).
e. THE PARACORD wrapped on the handle gives grip strength and also provides 15-feet of life-saving material that be used in thousands of different ways. 

The Lifestraw

At only two ounces, this is described as the lightest way to filter water while on the go. If one consumes the recommended three to four liters of water per day while hiking, this Lifestraw will last between 250-330 days.

You can either sip and filter water directly from the lake or stream; or fill your water bottle and sip from it as you walk.  

The Power Pot

This thermoelectric generator allows campers to heat water on a fire (any open flame) and that produces power (5V, IA) to charge any USB device. It's only 12 ounces in weight and serves a dual purpose: heats water for food and provides power. The Power Pot can charge action cameras, flashlights/headlamps, smart phones, MP3 players and more. 

Fish Hunter

About the size of your smart phone, this product marries the art of fishing with advanced technology. A USB-mini cable connects the round orange sonar device (looks like a fishing bobber). Bluetooth technology connects the sonar device with the mobile handheld device. When fish below the surface are sensed, the handheld device's screen shows fish icons and the depth, temperature and location at which they are moving. 

Modular Combo Fishing Vest, Backback & Torso Pack

This product is designed by Philip Woodcock, an avid fly fisherman and  is handsewn in Colorado. The innovative and functional product has removable pockets (attached by Velcro) so you can customize it for however you want to use it.

The Backpack is removable as are the straps and torso pack.
All items can be used together, or separately to access your tackle and gear while you're in the field. The built-in shelves make it easy to access your tackle and flies. The shelves, pocket interiors, backpack interiors, as well as the torso pack interior are made with loop fabric to prevent accidental spillage of fishing tackle.

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