Proctor: Grow indoor/outdoor plants

11:21 AM, Jan 12, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - You know about indoor/outdoor carpeting. Many plants can be equally versatile.

In winter they can brighten your home with minimal care. In summer they can turn an outdoor living space into an oasis.

Many of the favorite house plants thrive because the evolved beneath trees in tropical or subtropical areas of the world. They require less light to thrive than most of our garden plants. Most also need little care and tolerate neglect. When grown outside, they thrive under covered patios or beneath trees. It's a huge mistake to expose them to full Colorado sunshine; they will burn. Take them outside after in late May after night temperatures are staying safely above 50 degrees. Bring them back inside when the first frost is forecast.

Some of the best plants for 365 days of service include philodendron, mother-in-law's-tongue, pothos, spider plant, smooth yucca, dracaena, ferns, ficus, arrow leaf, parlor palm, asparagus fern, jade plant, peace lily, ivy and umbrella plant.

These are easy, long-lived plants that can survive for decades. The key is to never over-water them. Fertilize them in summer when they're in active growth and let them rest in the winter. By using them indoors and out, they'll stay healthy and vigorous.

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