Student creates T-shirts for Japan

6:06 PM, Apr 12, 2011   |    comments
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"I work a job two days a week and I have nothing to do with the money," Ross, a junior at Bear Creek High School, said. "I decided to make shirts, something that people would really want to show their appreciation."

Ross designed "Heal Japan" T-shirts. She spent $400 to make 75 shirts to sell at school during lunch periods.

"Not just like a necklace, not like a dog tag, something that you can just forget at home," Ross said. "These are something that catches people's attention."

The shirts have caught so much attention, she sold her last one on Tuesday.

"At the beginning, I thought 75 shirts was going to be plenty," Ross said.

"I just thought it was amazing the fact that when I heard she was actually paying for these T-shirts out of her own pocket," Scott Harguth, a Japanese and social studies teacher at Bear Creek, said.

Harguth has a sister in Japan. Ross went to Japan last summer and stayed with a host family.

"When I first heard about the tsunami and the earthquake, I instantly feared for my own host family," Ross said.

They are OK, but Ross knows many other families are not. That's why she thinks the T-shirts are worth her investment.

"We've currently spent over $400," Ross said.

She sells the shirts for $6 each and the students have helped Ross raise more than $600 and counting. Ross says students from three different schools are now ordering shirts.

"I think it's really cool that it's become very popular. It's a really neat thing that for our schools to be doing," Donovan Adcock, a freshman at Bear Creek, said.

"That when something tragic does happen, people do rise up. They do remarkable things," Harguth said.

Ross hopes to raise several thousand dollars to help students displaced by the earthquake and tsunami. She is now looking for a sponsor to help her produce more shirts for the cause.

"I am making shirts even if it costs me more than I possibly expected," Ross said.

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