Companies to Watch

Former Mines researchers tap the power of water

11:55 AM, Jul 1, 2010

DURANGO - Two former Colorado School of Mines researchers are tapping the power of water to make power tools.

Local brewer expands with cans

6:05 AM, Jun 14, 2010

LONGMONT - This week's Colorado Company to Watch and Where In The Town destination was the first craft brewer to prove great beer can be sold in cans. Now Oskar Blues is expanding its operations.

Peanut butter company organizes green packaging summit

10:27 AM, May 20, 2010

BOULDER - When Justin Gold started making peanut and almond butter at his home eight years ago, he never imagined he would lead a mission to change the packaging food comes in.

Software company helps save city's Internet network

9:18 AM, May 13, 2010

LONGMONT - Today Longmont officials tout their high-speed Wi-Fi and fiber network, but it was not that long ago the entire system was teetering on the edge of failure.

New assembly process 'revolutionary' for electronics industry

11:41 AM, May 10, 2010

AURORA- Most circuit board manufacturers work in volume, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch prides itself with offering the same quality electronics for engineers who only need a few circuit boards, instead of thousands.

Healthy snack foods aren't just for people

11:20 AM, May 7, 2010

DURANGO - A walk in the Colorado high country led to the founding of one of this year's Colorado Company to Watch, a healthy snack food company for dogs and cats.

Unique inventions sparked by local electronics company

2:15 PM, Apr 22, 2010

BOULDER - The amazing tasks electronics perform every day inside cell phones, TVs and even cars may seem like magic, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch is showing them there is nothing to fear, by teaching people they can do it themselves.

Bringing the college laboratory into students' homes

5:49 AM, Apr 15, 2010

ENGLEWOOD - Taking an online college course doesn't mean students have to give up the valuable lessons learned in science.

Home decor proudly made in Trinidad

10:14 AM, Apr 13, 2010

TRINIDAD - For many travelers this charming town seven miles north of the New Mexico border is just a pit stop on the road trip between Pueblo and Albuquerque, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch is hoping to change that.

Making corporate uniforms less uniform

12:07 PM, Apr 2, 2010

DENVER - You won't find many people who get excited about uniforms, but the folks at Evolve do.

Sunflower oil offers healthier option for snack food makers

11:36 AM, Mar 26, 2010

LAMAR - When people munch on the potato chips made by Kettle Chips, they're enjoying the work of this week's Colorado Company to Watch.

Revolutionizing medical care in Africa, one test at a time

8:09 AM, Mar 18, 2010

BOULDER - Taking lessons learned while crafting optics for lasers, this week's Colorado Company to Watch is launching a new venture, which they say could vastly improve medical care offered at clinics across Africa.

Company points other businesses towards success

10:08 AM, Mar 12, 2010

MONTROSE - A sign company located in Colorado's mountains isn't just guiding people around with its products; it is offering direction to other businesses about how to succeed during a downturn.

New machine speeds up work at restaurant equipment manufacturer

6:36 AM, Mar 4, 2010

DENVER - The next time you are in line to buy a snack at Dick Sporting Goods Park, where the Colorado Rapids play, take a look around-the food serving stations were built by hand by a Colorado Company to Watch.

New hydration pack means less sloshing and better fit

2:23 PM, Feb 25, 2010

CORTEZ - This week's Colorado Company to Watch believes it has come up with the perfect hydration backpack.

Beauty company strives to provide responsible products

4:31 PM, Feb 18, 2010

BOULDER - A lot of companies use terms like organic and green, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch has committed itself to walking the talk and being a leader in offering holistic skin care, while being responsible environmentally.

Solar company 'walks the talk' on environment

10:13 AM, Feb 11, 2010

BOULDER - It wasn't enough for this week's Colorado Company to Watch to help Coloradans live greener by installing solar panels at homes and businesses. Namasté Solar insisted on making its offices and practices an example of environmental stewardship.

Metal shop's small parts make big difference in aviation industry

12:22 PM, Feb 4, 2010

LAKEWOOD - Most of the metal parts made by this week's Colorado Company to Watch are only a few inches long, but Primus Metals plays a big role in some of the country's biggest aviation projects, including the Boeing Dreamliner and A-380 Airbus.

Changing schedules to improve the bottom line

12:21 PM, Feb 4, 2010

DENVER - Businesses are looking for ways to save every penny, so it's not surprising that many are trying to be more efficient with their scheduling.

Calling all "Colorado Companies To Watch"

7:13 AM, Jan 27, 2010

KUSA - The State of Colorado and 9NEWS are looking for companies who are doing great things to include in our weekly Companies To Watch segment on the morning show. 

Sky light leads to bright ideas in composites

1:57 PM, Jan 22, 2010

MONTROSE - A simple effort to make things brighter in a Quonset hut more than 50 years ago, set a group of brothers from California on the path to create this week's Colorado Company to Watch.

Complex math formulas the solution for national security

6:44 AM, Jan 16, 2010

LOVELAND - Complex math formulas, known as algorithms, are showing up in all kinds of places from traffic light controls to anti-spam filters, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch is using them to protect national security.

Futuristic gadgets provide high tech help for military, astronauts

6:36 PM, Jan 8, 2010

CENTENNIAL - They look like something out of the latest science fiction movie, but a new gadget designed by this week's Colorado Company to Watch is providing an extra pair of eyes for American soldiers, pilots and astronauts.

Shrinking IT departments lead to new business opportunity

12:33 PM, Dec 18, 2009

WESTMINSTER - For most companies information technology isn't really a luxury, but the economy is forcing some businesses to cut back on those staffs, opening a new opportunity for this week's Colorado Company to Watch.

Colorado hatmaker mad about new, unique designs

1:02 PM, Dec 11, 2009

COLORADO SPRINGS - A lot of companies have dress codes, but at Elope there aren't any rules about wearing suits or ties, they are all about having fun.

Preventing diseases one sink at a time

10:56 AM, Dec 4, 2009

GOLDEN - It is something that most people have done since they were toddlers, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch is offering a better way to wash people's hands, by taking the chore out of their hands.

Streamlining effort leads to new venture

6:54 AM, Nov 20, 2009

BOULDER- A lot of companies are looking for new ways to succeed and one found an entirely new venture by simply figuring out how to run its company more efficiently.

Working for the government: a lucrative venture

7:48 AM, Nov 13, 2009

GRAND JUNCTION - While many government agencies are being forced to cut back due to falling revenues, one Colorado company is still finding a lot of financial success working for them.

Software company shows tremendous growth

1:53 PM, Nov 6, 2009

PUEBLO - During an economic downturn a lot of business are just trying stay open, but one Colorado company has actually grown 400 percent in the middle of the economic downturn.

Biotech company finds success in antibodies

5:50 AM, Nov 6, 2009

LITTLETON - Our bodies make antibodies to fight off disease and bacteria, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch has found a lot of financial success making them for researchers.

Inventor turns discarded coconut shells into energy saving material

6:16 AM, Oct 23, 2009

BOULDER - More than 60 clothing companies, including well known brands like Adidas, Eddie Bauer and Dockers, are using a material designed by a Colorado company which employs coconut shells to create clothes that dry faster, smell better and save energy while laundering.

Saving lives by streamlining product development process

12:51 PM, Oct 16, 2009

FORT COLLINS - Meeting Food and Drug Administration guidelines can be difficult, especially when documentation about a the product's development and changes made along the way to market are kept in different databases or worse, in paper files. This week's Colorado Company to watch is trying to change that.

Recycled plastic finds new life in the outdoors

12:39 PM, Oct 9, 2009

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS - It is no surprise that outdoor lovers prefer products that preserve the environment they spend so much time in, but this week's Colorado Company to Watch is going the extra mile to make sure their products are green.

Ultra fast lasers offer much promise

11:57 AM, Oct 2, 2009

BOULDER - A discovery made in a Colorado laboratory is turning into quite a business for two University of Colorado professors.

Colorado biodiesel company sees energy potential in seaweed

11:50 AM, Oct 2, 2009

DENVER - To most people it is an ugly weed growing in their favorite pond or lake, but a local biodiesel company, which was recently selected as one of the Colorado Companies to Watch, believes algae may be the next energy powerhouse.

Paintball technology helps soldiers avoid IED dangers

1:40 PM, Sep 18, 2009

COLORADO SPRINGS - IED. Those three letters strike fear in U.S. fighting men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, but a Colorado company is working to train them on how to look for those improvised explosive devices and what to do if they find one.