Where in the Town

Udi's needs a new name

6:41 PM, Jan 13, 2014

LOUISVILLE - A Louisville-based company with 10 restaurants and four health-food stores needs your help finding a new name.

Tour Ball's metal beverage packing division

8:43 AM, May 31, 2013

KUSA - There are billions of aluminum cans produced in America each year.

Where In The Town: Blue Bonnet

9:08 AM, May 24, 2013

DENVER - It was one of the first restaurants in Denver to have a liquor license after prohibition.

Where In The Town: Beau Jo's celebrating 40 years

9:21 AM, May 10, 2013

KUSA - Chip Bair opened the first Beau Jo's location in downtown Idaho Springs on April 1, 1973 - a tiny 570-square-foot store with seating for only 15 people.

Where In The Town: Who likes butter?

9:36 AM, May 3, 2013

DENVER - Every year, more than 8-million metric tons of butter are consumed worldwide.

Where in the Town: Denver's Ice-O-Matic

8:37 AM, Mar 15, 2013

KUSA - Founded in 1952, the Ice-O-Matic company was established when Dave Allen brought a new invention to a trade show and began running it out of the bathroom of his hotel room.

Where In the Town: Behind the scenes at the Denver zoo

11:30 AM, Feb 23, 2013

KUSA - Our morning show Where In The Town Secret Places series took Gregg Moss behind the scenes of the Denver Zoo where he learned what it takes to feed more than 3,000 hungry animals every day.

'Where In The Town' secret places: Eisenhower Tunnel

9:38 AM, Feb 8, 2013

KUSA - We made morning TV history with the latest edition of our Where In The Town secret places series, as Gregg Moss took us behind the scenes of one of the highest motor vehicle tunnels in the world.

Secret places of Colorado: Inside the Eisenhower Tunnel

8:43 AM, Feb 8, 2013

The Eisenhower Tunnel is officially know as the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel. Not only is it one of the highest tunnels of its kind in the world, it is the longest mountain tunnel in the U.S. interstate highway system.

Where In The Town: Secret places

10:49 AM, Feb 1, 2013

KUSA - Gregg Moss has begun a new Where In The Town adventure series. For the next few Fridays, he'll be taking us to some of Colorado's most unique secret places.

Where In The Town: Larkburger fans grow in Colorado

6:23 AM, Jan 18, 2013

KUSA - Did you know Larkburger got their name from their heritage - the "larkburger" started at their restaurant in Larkspur? If not, there's probably a lot you don't know about this local food chain.

Where In The Town: United In Orange

3:59 PM, Jan 12, 2013

KUSA - Our morning road warrior Gregg Moss is out getting everybody pumped up for Saturday's Broncos/Ravens playoff game. It's a special week of Where In The Town adventures, all with a Broncos theme.

In-depth look at Colorado-based food manufacturer

9:29 AM, Dec 6, 2012

KUSA - With the holiday season upon us, there is an increased demand for all food products, including seasoning and spices.

Where In The Town: Lockheed Martin

11:20 AM, Oct 12, 2012

KUSA - Our latest Where In the Town adventure took us to one of the spaciest places in Colorado: the Lockheed Martin plant in Waterton Canyon.


Gregg Moss tries to create the 'Moss Burger'

8:48 AM, Sep 28, 2012

ENGLEWOOD - You can't get a doctorate in engineering at this "university," but you will leave with mad burger-making skills.

Where In The Town: Evergreen Glass

6:16 PM, Aug 31, 2012

EVERGREEN - Our newest Where In The Town adventure is all about art. Stained glass art. We paid a visit to the studios of Evergreen Glass where their motto pretty much says it all: you imagine it, we create it.

Where in the Town: Stolle Machinery

7:13 AM, Jun 15, 2012

CENTENNIAL - Gregg Moss visited Stolle Machinery, a manufacturing company that makes the machinery that manufactures cans.

Small Business Week: the KONG king of dog toys

7:18 AM, May 24, 2012

KUSA - What started as a one person operation in 1976 has grown into a very successful company in Golden, CO.

Where In The Town: Billboard Ecology

10:32 AM, Apr 7, 2012

KUSA - Ever wondered what became of those old billboard signs along the highway? Billboard Ecology is finding unique ways to recycle them.

Where in the Town: Colorado Ballet's Peter Pan

10:13 AM, Mar 1, 2012

DENVER - Gregg Moss flew his way to Neverland with the Colorado Ballet on the latest edition of Where in the Town.

Gregg gets in touch with his inner BoBo

11:30 AM, Feb 17, 2012

KUSA - Our latest Where In The Town adventure involved a visit to a Denver gem. The Cleo Parker Robinson Dance studio in Five Points.

Where in the Town: Signlanguage

4:30 PM, Feb 11, 2012

DENVER - How many Gregg Moss's can you fit inside a digital printing company?

Where In The Town: Skydex

2:13 PM, Jan 14, 2012

KUSA - Gregg Moss spent some time during this Where In The Town visit, getting his head whacked with a baseball bat.

Where In The Town: Colorado Gives Day

10:59 AM, Dec 6, 2011

DENVER - Our morning man in motion is back in action with a Where In The Town Series highlighting some of the great non-profits that will benefit from Colorado Gives Day on December 6th, a 24-hour online fundraiser to give where you live.

Where In The Town: New building will be sky high

9:18 AM, Nov 10, 2011

KUSA - Gregg Moss braved the heights on Thursday morning for a special "Where in the Town" segment from atop a new skyscraper.

Where in the Town: BoardLife

10:18 AM, Nov 8, 2011

DENVER - It's a little like surfing and a little like snowboarding: It's longboarding, and Gregg Moss learned how to do it in the latest edition of Where in the Town.

Local garage makes classic cars electric

7:12 PM, Nov 6, 2011

WESTMINSTER - For the latest "Where in the Town," Gregg Moss visited Duke's Garage, where the specialty is making electric cars.

Where In The Town visits City of the Dead

9:12 AM, Oct 21, 2011

DENVER - KUSA news anchor Gregg Moss decided to venture out to the City of the Dead on Thursday morning for this week's edition of "Where in the Town."

Where in The Town: Ensign Energy drilling

3:15 PM, Oct 2, 2011

LA SALLE - Ensign Energy Services is the third largest drilling contractor in North America - operating in the Rocky Mountain region, California, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Texas. The Canadian-owned company employs approximately 1,000 people in Colorado.

Where in the Town: Oogave Organic Sodas

10:34 AM, Sep 30, 2011

DENVER - Oogave may be a strange name for a soda, but it isn't your average, run-of-the-mill drink either.

Dog food so good you'll want to eat it

3:16 PM, Jul 29, 2011

DENVER - As I was driving down I-25 to work at 2 a.m. Friday morning, I suddenly realized that I forgot my lunch on the kitchen table. No problem, I thought. Today I'd be doing a story on a food company called Peoplefud.

Fruit and vegetable stand grows to regional food distributor

10:18 AM, Jul 15, 2011

DENVER - Dwarfed by aisles of groceries two-stories tall, Drew Yancey and Gwen Valles explained how their great-grandfather's little fruit-and-vegetable stand grew into one of the nation's top 50 food distribution centers.

Where in the Town: The only thing missing is flying monkeys

1:30 PM, Jul 12, 2011

LOUISVILLE - Gregg Moss took to the skies Tuesday morning in the latest installment of Where in the Town.

Where In The Town: Stonehouse Signs

11:03 AM, Jul 12, 2011

ARVADA - 9NEWS Business Reporter Gregg Moss ventured out of his cubicle for a special Thursday edition of "Where in the Town" at Stonehouse Signs in Arvada.

Where In The Town: Hardy Boy Plants

11:12 AM, Jun 10, 2011

DENVER - Gregg Moss took a page from the playbook of 9NEWS Garden Expert Rob Proctor for this Where In The Town adventure, as he paid a visit to one of the largest flower producers in Colorado.