City giving away $1 million in energy efficient rebates

6:07 AM, Jul 20, 2010   |    comments
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"Uncomfortably hot, stinking hot, sweltering hot," he said.

Simpson, whose ancestors are from Norway, does not like the heat.

"I'm more like 72 degree kind of a guy," he said.

That type of cool is not always possible on the third floor of his house with his current air condition, which is circa 1985.

Simpson says it is not doing much these days. Because of that, the family has been looking at replacing their air conditioning for the past few years.

"Money is tight like for everybody it is, you know? With the city rebate and with Xcel's rebates and with the tax credit, it's kind of foolish not to," he said.

The City of Aurora is trying to give away $1 million it got from federal stimulus funds.

Aurora residents can get up to $1,000 per household from the city, on top of an Xcel Energy rebate. Aurora businesses can receive as much as $1,500.

Simpson has already gotten one quote from an air conditioning company. He said without all the free money, he would not be looking to upgrade.

Karen Hancock is the grant manager for the energy efficiency and conservation block grant for the City of Aurora.

Hancock says Xcel has a great rebate program and the city decided to match the money the company gives out in rebates.

"Anything that Xcel has deemed to be energy efficient, such as insulation, ceiling, airspaces, heating and cooling equipment, we will rebate anything that they will rebate," Hancock said.

According to Hancock, the city wants to give the money away as fast as possible.

It received the funds in April of 2010. So far, it has given out $6,000 in rebates to 40 residents.

"It is that simple. Get the work done that you need and get the checks in the mail," Hancock said.

Hancock says there are custom rebates for business owners.

If you are upgrading your home or business to be solar-powered, there are also rebates for that.

For any solar installation, including solar hot water heaters, the city will pay for permit fees; $500 for residents and $1,000 for businesses.

Hancock says the city is also partnering with the Governor's Energy Office to offer a certain number of rebates for solar water heat. The city will match the rebates from the governor's office for residents and business owners.

Customers can get up to $3,000 total in rebates in that program.

Click here to learn more information on Aurora's rebate program.

Click here for more information on Xcel's rebate program.

You can also e-mail your questions to

Call for help to the Aurora rebate hotline at 303 739-7675.

Also check out You can find out what you're eligible for wherever you live by plugging in your zip code.

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