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    Job Fairs for teens this spring

    5:04 PM, Apr 4, 2012

    KUSA - The Governor's Summer Job Hunt for Teens is underway in Colorado.


        Cities with online crime maps

        KUSA - Several law enforcement agencies offer interactive crime maps. 9NEWS has put together a list of some cities with online crime maps.

        2:19 PM, Oct 25, 2012

        High school girl gives quarterhorse a second chance after her own loss

        LITTLETON - The story of Sam and Toviao isn't just a story about giving back, hard work, or never giving up. It's about a girl and a horse who found each other exactly when they both needed it most.

        1:07 PM, Dec 22, 2013

        Senior Law Handbook

        12:18 PM, Jun 9, 2014

        Parents forced to evict adult children

        DENVER - A 9Wants to Know investigation discovered that a growing number of parents are evicting their children after they move back home.

        11:10 PM, May 8, 2012

        Fort Collins students read Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

        FORT COLLINS - A Fort Collins principal stands by his decision to allow students from a multicultural group to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic on the school's intercom.

        12:33 AM, Jan 30, 2013

        Man arrested after allegedly robbing 15 pharmacies

        COLORADO SPRINGS - A man suspected of robbing 15 pharmacies has been arrested by Colorado Springs Police.

        7:47 PM, Dec 10, 2011

        The reason you can dispute tickets from red light cameras

        DENVER - No one likes getting a ticket for speeding or running a red light. Ron Goldstein is no exception.

        10:49 PM, Oct 3, 2011

        Kaylee's winning shot

        ARVADA - It was always meant to be. Even in kindergarten Kaylee McBeth had a love for basketball. She learned the game while playing with her older brothers and sisters in the driveway at home. Her mother, Jana and father, Rod knew how much the game meant to the kids and encouraged them to play.

        9:50 PM, Feb 19, 2012

        'War Writers' Campaign:' Therapy through writing

        KUSA - A newly-formed veteran nonprofit organization called The War Writers' Campaign is hoping to encourage veterans to write about their experiences in war as a powerful therapy tool.

        10:35 AM, Aug 29, 2013

        Loving mom, wife loses battle with breast cancer

        KUSA - No one could shine a light on young women's breast cancer in a bigger or bolder way than Nicole Davis.

        7:26 PM, Oct 21, 2013
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