Consumer Reports rates best electric shavers

3:37 PM, Jun 18, 2011   |    comments
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Consumer Reports tested a variety of electric shavers, 13 in all. Two cost as little as $10, and one was $240. The $10 shavers tested didn't do so well. The testers said they wouldn't buy either of them.

Tests included foil and rotary shavers. Foil shavers have blades that oscillate behind a perforated screen, and rotary shavers have circular heads, with cutters that spin behind a fine grid.

Testers shaved with either the foil or the rotary shavers for at least a week. Then Consumer Reports sensory panelists compared the feel of the post-shave faces with various grades of sandpaper to size up the closeness of the shave. Testers also assessed battery life and how easy it is to clean the shaver.

When all the stubble was washed away, the top-rated foil shaver was the Braun Series 7 System 760cc-4, $240. It has the longest battery life and gives a very close shave. And although you can wash it under running water, it comes with a cleaning station-which can be a plus. But it can take up valuable counter space.

If you are more of a rotary guy, try the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1250X, $200. It has very good battery life and can be cleaned by rinsing under running water, and it ranked highest among rotary shavers.

Consumer Reports named a foil shaver a Best Buy. It's the $55 Remington Pivot and Flex F-5790. It's not quite as good as the top-rated Braun shaver, but it delivers a very good shave and very good battery life at a more affordable price.

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