Levi Strauss blue jeans go green

10:17 AM, Nov 11, 2011   |    comments
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Levis says it used to take 46 liters of water during the stone washing phase to get that cool worn-in look. Now they do it with one liter or less.

The jeans giant says it is putting two million new pairs of jeans in stores made with better cotton grown in India, Brazil and around the world.

"Farmers are trained and they're educated to really farm in a different way that are more sustainable, that use less water, that use less chemicals," vice president Michael Kobori said.

They're also asking customers to cut back on water and electricity usage by not washing their jeans every time after every wear, using only cold water and air drying them.

Some people have floated the notion of the freezer as a better option than the washing machine.

"That may be a little urban legend, if you put your jeans in the freezer it kills the bacteria. I'm not sure that's scientifically proven, but that's going around," Kobori said.

Levis says their "Water>Less" line is making an impact on the environment and on customers and insists that it is genuine and is hoping other companies will follow in it's ever shrinking global footprint.

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