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Starting Over: Brewing coffee and romance, one cup at a time

2:27 PM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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For Autumn Green and Colin Floom, it is now a reality.

"Its a little romantic, being two owners and the couple that owns that coffee shop, and definitely, it feels like a story line in a movie," Floom said.

That romance is now being brewed into lattes and mochas at the Roostercat Coffee House. Green and Floom get a lot of questions about how they chose the name for their coffee shop.

"When Colin and I first started dating, we came up with a really awkward, team name: Team Roostercat," Green said. "For some reason it, really stuck and when we were looking at opening coffee shops, I thought, 'We should just call it Roostercat, it's just so out of the ordinary.'"

Green got her start in radio, but the tough economy meant the need for a different plan. Before Roostercat, Green worked on air and in promotions for several local and national shows.

It was such an exciting job," Green said. "I loved radio, and I will always love radio. It's just one of those markets that right now you have to be a little bit more creative, and if you can't find a job, you have to create one. That's why we've created our own jobs for us."

For Floom, who previously worked as a television and movie producer, he now sees his life imitating his art.

"Our last film, four years ago, it conceptualized at a coffee shop. We sat down and said 'This would be a good idea for a movie.' Film makers love hanging out at coffee shops and socializing with other filmmakers. That's how I got hooked hanging out at coffee shops because I was socializing with other film makers," Floom said. 

This young couple, filled with energy and new ideas, admit that it was tempting to rush through the process of starting over. When asked what Green thinks it takes to make the starting over process work, she had a simple answer.

"Patience, it takes a lot of it," Green said. "You can have some days when something goes wrong and it takes a week to fix that. It takes patience, you need to be resilient and keep going. Learn. Ask questions, learn as much as you can. There are people out there that are willing to help."

This new venture brings Green's career full circle as her first job was at a Lakewood coffee shop. Her love affair with the coffe shop began at a young age, spending time with her dad at a local hang out.

"I remember as a child, my favorite memories as a child all started out with the coffee shop. I would get a little hot cocoa and he would get a mocha. It was just such special father daughter time," Green said.

The Roostercat is now crowing daily, serving not only coffee, but live events, music and a place to meet new friends. For Floom and Green, who are now engaged to be married, their future is being built together, one cup of coffee at a time.

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