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What not to buy on Black Friday

5:51 PM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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Many items will hit their lowest price of the year tomorrow, but not everything in the store will be a good buy. We worked with the website to help you keep an eye out for what not to buy. Here's 10 things.

  1. Toys make the list of what not to buy on Black Friday. says there will still be great deals out there, but they will get even better if you wait two weeks before Christmas.
  2. Winter apparel is also on the list. Apparel retailers will offer great coupons but if you specifically want winter clothing, your best bet is to wait until January or February when those items are on clearance.
  3. And you might want to stay away from digital cameras too, at least high-end current models. On Black Friday, sees a lot of digital camera deals on older models but if you are interested in the latest ones, you will see more aggressive deals early next year right before the 2013 models come out.
  4. And don't buy Christmas decorations if you want to save money according to Many people don't go to Black Friday sales with intention of buying Christmas decorations, but they'll be there. And stores are hoping you'll pick them up while you're shopping since these items usually aren't on sale right now.
  5. Also, stay away from game consoles if it's not a bundle deal. Lindsay Sakraida,, said, "The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been around for years now and have hit the lowest prices they can possibly reach. So we recommend to get the best deal you possibly can, to look for a bundled holiday special deal, so it will come with accessories or video games to get the most from your money."
  6. Office supplies are also on the list. Stores have released ads but says they offer the same kind of deals throughout the year.
  7. Jewelry and watches are also a bad buy on Black Friday. They're in demand so says you'll find better discounts after Christmas.
  8. Microsoft Surface RT Tablet is also on the list. While many may be tempted to buy it, says to wait. If it doesn't sell well this holiday season, they say there will be drastic price cuts on it this spring.
  9. And don't buy brand name HDTVs. While TV's are associated with door busters, only lower end TVs from third tier manufacturers will see their best prices of the year. says to wait until January and February to buy higher end televisions because manufacturers will clear stock in preparation for new models in the Spring.
  10. Finally, don't buy the Apple iPad Mini tomorrow. puts it on the list of what not to buy only because they're predicting a really good deal on the iPad 2 instead, which is normally $399. On Black Friday, says you could get an iPad 2 for less than what an iPad mini costs.

Sakraida said, "The iPad 2 is probably going to see a really great deal this Black Friday. It's the oldest iPad available and we're predicting it could fall to as low as $299 which is even cheaper than what the retail price for the iPad Mini is. So that could be a really great tablet purchase this year."

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