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Got a health question? Ask Dr. John

9:41 AM, Aug 24, 2011

KUSA - Dr. John Torres from Premier Urgent Care answers your questions every week. If you have a medical question for Dr. John, send it to and make sure to have Ask Dr. John in the subject line.

Local center helps most extreme eating disorder cases

9:51 AM, Oct 7, 2015

DENVER - February is National Eating Disorder Awareness month. This month is used to bring awareness to a variety of disorders, including anorexia and bulimia, which affect millions.

Expert: FDA-approved painkiller 'will kill people'

2:29 PM, Mar 3, 2014

USA TODAY - A new FDA-approved painkiller isn't set to hit pharmacy shelves until next month, but critics are already warning it could kill – with just two pills.

Running club combines food, fitness in unique way

8:57 AM, Mar 3, 2014

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - If you've ever gone on a run, you know one of the best things is the meal at the end. Truly, nothing is more satisfying after pounding the pavement for miles on end than a cheese-filled omelet or a warm blueberry muffin.

Student survives cardiac arrest at school

8:47 AM, Mar 3, 2014

DENVER - Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill, which would create a grant program to train students in CPR and the use of defibrillators.

'Bags of Fun' to honor life of Gabby Krause

8:39 AM, Mar 3, 2014

DENVER - Monday, Gabby Krause would be celebrating her sweet 16th birthday. However, 10 years ago, Gabby passed away after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

4 women with new wombs are trying to get pregnant

6:46 AM, Mar 3, 2014

LONDON (AP) - A Swedish doctor says four Swedish women who received transplanted wombs have had embryos transferred into them in an attempt to get pregnant.

Tracking tweets may help predict HIV outbreaks

8:49 PM, Mar 1, 2014

KUSA - Doctors say Twitter could help them track HIV and drug activity.

Program gives kids free braces

5:09 PM, Feb 28, 2014

DENVER - Any parent who has ever paid for braces knows how expensive they can be. But one non-profit organization doesn't want the expense to be a deterrent for parents who may not be able to afford braces for their children.

Colorado health exchange is headed toward tougher audit

9:49 AM, Feb 28, 2014

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - Finally, Republicans and Democrats have found a point of agreement regarding the Connect for Health Colorado insurance exchange – that it needs a more thorough audit.

'Biggest Loser' trainer Jillian Michaels headed to Denver

9:30 AM, Feb 28, 2014

KUSA - America's toughest trainer is coming to town. Jillian Michaels will be at the Paramount Theater as part of a nationwide tour called "Maximize Your Life."

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: What are the symptoms?

12:56 PM, Feb 27, 2014

KUSA - It is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Eating disorders are so common that one to two children out of 100 in America has one.

Juicing: Is it healthy?

6:11 PM, Feb 26, 2014

DENVER - Juicing is one of the hottest food trends. Many people swear it has helped them lose weight, but is it healthy?

Polio-like disease appears in California children

5:13 PM, Feb 26, 2014

STANFORD, Calif. (AP) - An extremely rare, polio-like disease has appeared in more than a dozen California children within the past year, and each of them suffered paralysis to one or more arms or legs, Stanford University researchers say. But public health officials haven't identified any common causes connecting the cases.

Heroin antidote: Who should get to carry it?

4:19 PM, Feb 26, 2014

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) - Governments and clinics nationwide are striving to put a drug that can reverse an opiate overdose in the hands of more paramedics, police officers, even everyday Americans.

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