Sigg's mother offers emotional testimony

5:38 PM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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WESTMINSTER - The mother of the teenager accused of killing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway took the stand during a two-day motions hearing Thursday.

Mindy Sigg, the mother of murder suspect Austin Sigg, talked about the moment her son confessed to killing Ridgeway.

She told the court that her son confessed to her that he led Ridgway into his bedroom. Ridgeway asked Austin Sigg if she was "ever going to see her mother again?" At that point, Austin Sigg strangled the 10-year-old girl and dismembered her body in the family's bathtub, a tearful Mindy Sigg told the court.

She said Austin came to her to confess the crime shortly after parts of her body were discovered in a nearby field. She said she called police "to tell somebody what my son had done." She said people working the tipline did not believe her at first.

Mindy Sigg barely looked at her son the whole time she was on the stand.


During Thursday's hearing, defense attorneys also questioned whether police detectives violated Sigg's rights by keeping his mother out of the interrogation room during an interview.

Attorneys for Austin Sigg also asked whether police properly explained to Sigg his rights before questioning him.

Last week, a judge ruled that an adolescent-brain development expert would be allowed to testify just not specifically about the mental state of accused killed Austin Sigg.

Sigg reportedly told Westminster Police officers where to find three black trash bags of body parts in a crawl space of his house. According to court testimony, Sigg never demonstrated any reluctance to talk. He agreed to provide DNA, computer passwords, etc. to officers investigating.

One officer testified that Sigg said at one point "you can expect my full cooperation."

Also during Thursday's court appearance, it was revealed that Sigg reportedly told his brother to not let his father get an attorney for him because he "needed to be punished."

The trial is expected to start Sept. 20.

Ridgeway's family also appeared in court Thursday. The Ridgeway family was wearing purple - which was Jessica's favorite color.

Sigg is also accused of attacking a jogger at Ketner Lake before the Ridgeway death. Originally, Westminster Police thought his DNA did not match that case, but later, they found out that it had not even been tested. Once it was tested, it was a match.

The motion hearing continues Friday morning.

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