Neighbor bites neighbor - in the chin

8:45 PM, Oct 5, 2011   |    comments
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It happened on Sept. 28, and Tracey Merrill faces the misdemeanor charge after allegedly biting his neighbor, Ross Tallmadge.

"He got up in my face about how everybody that lives back here is trouble, and nothing but white trash," said Tallmadge, who said nobody was yelling - or even arguing - and the conversation between men started over auto repair.

But the back-and-forth between Tallmadge and Merrill apparently escalated quickly.

"He was right here in my face and he just latched on and sunk in," said Tallmadge, clamping his hand to his bearded chin as he recalled the incident. "He hung on for a good five, six seconds."

Tallmadge's stepson, Leif Blailock, saw the incident.

"Oh man - it was just weird," Blailock said. "You don't expect to turn around and see two grown men, and one of them's biting the other one."

Tallmadge didn't see it coming.

"The first thing come over me was just shock, like, did this really just happen?" Tallmadge said.

The affidavit confirms the responding police officer immediately saw Tallmadge's chin was bleeding "through his beard."

Merrill wasn't at home when 9NEWS stopped by to ask him why he allegedly bit his neighbor, but according to the affidavit, he told police they had been in an argument.

Merrill told police Tallmadge was in his face, "close enough to French kiss him," the affidavit reads.

Merrill went to jail and has since been released. He will be in court on Oct. 12.

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