New service will text message you from your fake girlfriend

10:07 AM, Oct 17, 2011   |    comments
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There are many ways to describe your girlfriend. Beautiful, loving, smart and now, fake. Yes, now you can carry on a non-existent relationship with the help of technology.

Add the "Fake Girlfriends" number to your phone and text her whatever you'd like. She'll respond with a series of loving messages. Every time you talk to her, she responds. It's unlimited, and you can tell your friends you've got a great new girl.

This new text-messaging service is gaining attention. The designers say the goal is to avoid embarrassment as a single guy. and as you can imagine the reaction is split.

Women seem to hate it and most guys seem to think it's clever.

Therapist George James helps people deal with their social anxieties and says being single in a group of taken friends can be tough.

An while he sees nothing wrong with using this for a short time, James says the relationship can't last forever.

Using Fake Girlfriend won't cost you anything more than a text message, for now. The maker says he's hoping to keep it free and is looking for ways to expand the service, like possibly developing fake boyfriend for women. If you'd like to try fake girlfriend for yourself, just visit

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