Man kills 800 pound hog with crossbow

9:45 AM, Oct 18, 2011   |    comments
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Winston Brown was in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, when he was confronted by the beast.

Brown says he had seen the animal's tracks before, but had never spotted the wild hog itself.

"It looked like a cow coming from the other end. It came up and the deer ran off," he told KFOR-TV.

Springing into action Brown, who was perched in a tree, fired his crossbow at the animal.

'The first arrow struck the shoulder plate," he said. "He kind of grunted real loud and started popping his teeth. He turned and faced me. I think if I had been on the ground and he could have seen me, it would have probably been ugly."

Despite falling to the ground, the hog sprang back to life as Brown clambered down from his position, armed with his last arrow.

He took aim once more, shooting him through both lungs, and finally killing him.

The intrepid hunter is now set to have his prey stuffed and mounted on the wall.

According to the State Department of Agriculture, wild hogs are a problem in the state, with thousands roaming the countryside destroying crops and disrupting wildlife.

They are carnivorous, can be dangerous if cornered, and will attack.

"We would love to get rid of them in any way we can without harming other animals or the environment," veterinarian Dr. Rod Hall added.

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