Marching band surprises classmate battling cancer

9:11 PM, Oct 23, 2011   |    comments
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Joshua Cordeva is only 14-years-old, but he's dealing with a disease many adults can't even begin to comprehend.

Cordeva was resting in his room Sunday evening, when he was told he had a guest who wanted to see him.

At that very moment, more than 50 members of his high school's marching band were setting up in the lobby of the hospital, waiting to surprise him.

The moment he was wheeled off of the elevator, the band burst in to song, performing the school's anthem.

"I had no idea they were coming," Cordeva said. "I was shocked."

The performance only lasted 15 seconds, but during that time Cordeva says he was able to forget about his illness.

"It helped," he said.

"This is completely awesome," Cordeva's mother said, fighting back tears. "He's a tough kid and he's making us all tough."

Cordeva is suffering from a rare and aggressive form of cancer that is attacking his muscles.

He's undergoing chemo treatments to help battle it.

"The last three weeks have been difficult," his mother said. "But he's been getting stronger over the past couple of days."

At the end of the performance, Cordeva's classmates gathered around him and listened as he shared what his experience with cancer has been like.

"It hurts," he told them. "I have to go for more treatment next week."

From time to time Cordeva would release a smile, but within a few seconds it would quickly fade away.

"Cancer is a disease no child should ever have to deal with," Cordeva said.

He's trying to deal with it the best he can. Seeing his friends Sunday certainly helped.

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