Man smashes convenience store pipes, says they ruin lives

7:15 AM, Nov 13, 2011   |    comments
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But a Greeley man says they're used for much more and made that point at a convenience store in a violent way.

At Sherry's Market in Greeley, for every transaction, there's usually a thank you and a please come again. But there's one customer not being invited back because of what he did with those glass pipes inside a glass display.

"They said that they make a lot of money off of selling these pipes," customer David Scott said.

Surveillance video shows David Scott at the counter start to grab a display case full of pipes.

"I tilted it back," he said.

"Then he just tore it off the shelf, and threw it on the floor," Irving Payne, the store clerk, said.

Scott ended up smashing every glass pipe in the store.

He says he did it because his stepbrother just took one hit using a similar pipe and got hooked on meth. He said his own kids should not have such easy access.

" Meth is terrible, it scares me," Scott said.

"People have no right to come in be violent and make a point," Mo Choudry, the owner of the store said. He says he's simply out to make money. What people do with the pipes is their business.

"For my customers to go down the street and buy this thing, and buy the other products - their pack of cigarettes, candy bar or soda, or something, I lose business," Choudry said.

It is legal to sell glass pipes to kids younger than 18.
"There's no state law right now that says, that he cannot sell it to a ten year old," Scott said.

"We are not even required to check id on glass pipes," Choudry said. "But we do it anyway just to make sure."

Whatever point, Scott was trying to make, it only drove home that he's no longer welcome.

" He essentially wasted his and our time and that's all he accomplished," Payne said.

Yet the accomplishment for him is yet to come.

"That was my way of making a statement, for someone to see this action and maybe come up with a different way of keeping pipes away from kids," Scott said. "They are ruining people's lives."

Scott was charged with criminal mischief, and faces a $150 fine.

He's hoping state lawmakers ban glass tobacco paraphernalia for kids under 18 in this year's legislative session.

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