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TRUTH TEST: Coors ad about Perlmutter, ex-wife misleading

7:08 PM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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Off the top Coors claims "Perlmutter sure knows how to work the system."

There's nothing in the ad to back up this claim. It's simply a statement of opinion and open to interpretation.

In the next line of the ad, the announcer says "Perlmutter goes to Washington and 'Mrs. Perlmutter' became a lobbyist for Solyndra, the solar energy company that lost half-a-billion taxpayer dollars."

This line requires clarification. Perlmutter was elected to the House of Representatives in November 2006. Deana Perlmutter started as a lobbyist at Dutko Worldwide in 2008. Solyndra was one of their clients.

In early 2008, Ed and Deana were not yet divorced. It was finalized later in the year. According to Perlmutter's campaign, the two had been separated since 2005.

In 2006, a Denver Post editorial said then-candidate Perlmutter promised his wife would not lobby for him or the House of Representatives.

Prior to their divorce being finalized, lobbying records show Deana Perlmutter did meet with at least one member of the House.

There are no records to show that she ever lobbied for her ex-husband.

The next line in the ad says, "Records show government bureaucrats knew it was a risky deal."

This is true. A 150-page report called "The Solyndra Failure," published in August 2012, shows there were concerns about giving Solyndra the $535 million government loan.

The company eventually went bankrupt, which did waste half-a-billion taxpayer dollars.

The ad says "lobbyist Perlmutter pushed hard anyway and got paid $140,000."

According to Coors' own website, at least $130,000 of that $140,000 was paid to the firms Deana worked for.

While it may have been a risky deal, Deana was doing her job as a lobbyist, which is to persuade people on behalf of a client.

Next, the announcer says "Congressman Perlmutter voted for the bill."

This is a little unclear.

Congressman Perlmutter voted for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, commonly known as the Stimulus Plan. He did not vote to fund Solyndra. The Recovery Act provided money to the Department of Energy. The DOE was responsible for doling it out.

Next the Coors ad claims "Lobbyist Perlmutter got paid."

This is true. She got paid by her firms for doing her job.

The final line of the ad says "taxpayers got scammed."

This is a misleading statement.

The Coors campaign said the "scam" was that taxpayers were mislead to believe the half-billion dollar loan Solyndra got would create more jobs. Those Solyndra jobs were not created.

But what did Congressman Perlmutter have to do with it?

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