NBC Political Experts break down Colorado's importance

11:44 AM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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9News Reporters Matt Flener and Matt Renoux traveled to New York City and NBC News' Democracy Plaza to gather perspective on Colorado's importance when it comes to each candidate winning the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the election.

Renoux and Flener talked to NBC News Political experts to get their opinion on Colorado's role on election night.

"I have this theory that Colorado may be the closest state, of all of them, and may end up being four years from now the one that we look back and say, 'Whoa, Colorado is one of the tightest swing states in the country. And it may overtake a Florida or an Ohio four years from now," NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd said.

Todd also talked about the number of visits both Romney and President Obama made to Colorado.

In 2012, Obama ended up with 13 political events, and six official events in Colorado. Romney held 26 political events.

"The President, he went to four states twice, and other states only once during these last three days, and Colorado was one of them," Todd said. "Because it is sort of the Ohio back up plan if everything goes wrong. Ditto with Mitt Romney if Ohio goes wrong, then it's this combination of Colorado or Wisconsin. That would get him to the 270 mark." 

Meet the Press Host David Gregory talked about the number of independent voters that may play a big role on Election Day in Colorado.

"Colorado is certainly a state with independent voters, as you know being a big part of the electorate there," Gregory said. "And with a great deal of concern about the debt and the economy, that would be a natural for a Republican challenger in this economy."

Gregory also said the Latino vote could impact President Obama's chances of winning Colorado's nine electoral votes.
Gregory said Ohio and the eastern states will play key early in the evening, and then everyone will start watching the west and Colorado.
"The spin for both sides, the arguments from both sides, are done," Gregory said. "Now we are going to find out who's right, and the way things are turning out both sides are so certain, somebody's going to be very, very wrong," Gregory said.

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