Failed to Death: Andres Estrada

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Age: 6 yrs.
Born: Sept 26, 2003
Died: Aug 24, 2010
Location: Federal Heights
Suspect in death: Myrna Estrada, mother

By the time the 6-year-old peddled his tricycle into traffic, Adams County caseworkers had received 11 calls from people concerned about the safety of Andres and his siblings. Four of those reports were warnings that the children routinely - unsupervised and underdressed - wandered around the busy Aurora parking lot, according to a state and county review of Andres' death.

Six of those calls were never assigned to caseworkers for investigation.

The Adams County Department of Human Services met Andres and his family in May 2007, after someone reported his mother, Myrna Estrada, was leaving her young children alone. In October 2007, police officers found Andres' then 3-year-old sibling wandering alone on a busy street corner.

A caseworker met with Estrada, who said she was able to watch her children from inside her apartment. The caseworker and Estrada discussed appropriate ways to supervise her children and Andres and his siblings were left in the home.

More than a year later, in December 2009, staff at Andres' school called child protection workers. Andres, then 6, was still not potty trained. Caseworkers confirmed that Estrada had kept all of the children's doctors appointments, but three months later they received another report she was missing appointments. The second referral was not investigated.

Four months later, a report that Estrada was not getting Andres to his dental appointment, was also not investigated.

Caseworkers received their last referral about Andres 18 days before he died. Estrada left Childrens' Hospital with Andres before he could have his dental surgery. It was the only referral that was founded for neglect.

Estrada was not charged in Andres' death.

While Andres was alive, caseworkers violated state policy in handling his case twice. They failed to both correctly fill out a safety assessment of the home and left the case open longer than state policy allows.  

The district attorney chose not to file charges in the case. Read the DA decision

Read entire fatality review

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