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Failed To Death: Jesse Weaver

4:37 PM, Nov 11, 2012   |    comments
Jesse Weaver
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 PDF Document: police weaver  PDF Document: fatalityreport weaver

Age: 11 yrs.
Born: Aug 28, 1995
Died: July 8, 2007
Location: Lincoln County
Suspect in death: Traci and Wade Weaver, parents

All 15 referrals over the history of his family's involvement were deemed "unsubstantiated or inconclusive." Still, caseworkers considered that the safety of the boy, then 11, was at issue and they kept a case open and provided services.

There had been allegations of neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse and physical abuse.

His mother, Traci Anne Weaver, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of child abuse involving one of Jesse Weaver's siblings in a 2005 incident.

Colette Barksdale, director of Lincoln County Department of Social Services, said the family was already receiving services, so there was no need to open a new case.

Jesse died of an overdose of Seroquel on July 8, 2007. His father found him in bed having seizures with an empty, open bottle of the mood-disorder medication beside him.

At that point, the Elbert County Department of Social Services concluded his parents were responsible for emotional abuse, medical neglect and failure to protect Jesse.

Weaver had taken her son off medications and kept him off despite numerous warnings about the dangers of stopping the medications cold, according to the child fatality review report.

A state review discovered that Lincoln County Department of Social Services failed to notify mental health authorities every time they received a report about Jesse.

The county also did not respond to and assess new referrals of alleged child abuse or neglect received while services were being provided to the family, the state determined.

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