Failed to Death: Dolci Gryshayeva

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Dolci Gryshayeva
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Age: 2 yrs.
Born: May 25, 2009
Died: Sept 9, 2011
Location: Lakewood
Suspect in death: Nick Ruiz, mother's boyfriend

Her grandparents on her mother's side are noted Russian gymnastics coaches who immigrated to the United States.

Her father was just 22 years old when he died, running from police.

And Dolci Gryshayeva's own short life likewise was filled with drama.

Dolci died Sept. 9, 2011, of what the Jefferson County Coroner's office determined were head injuries caused by blunt-force trauma; her mother's boyfriend, Keith Nick Ruiz, has been charged in her death and is awaiting trial.

The blows that killed her weren't the only ones she suffered.

When Dolci died, she was 2 years and 3 months old. She had long black hair, brown eyes,pierced ears, chipped red nail polish on her fingernails and healing rib fractures, according to the autopsy report.

She also had bruises on her forehead and scrapes on her chin, the back of her head and the right side of her face.

There was a 6-inch-long bruise across the middle of her back, two more on her bottom, along with a cut nearly 2 inches deep, according to the coroner's report. There was hemorrhaging in her optic nerves.

In the course of her life, any number of people who crossed paths with Dolci could potentially have spared her that abuse.

Her paternal grandmother confronted the little girl's mother, Anastasia Gryshayeva, about injuries she saw but apparently accepted the explanations Gryshayeva gave her.

Three months before Dolci died, her paternal grandmother took her to the emergency room because Dolci was walking funny. It turned out she had a broken leg. Jefferson County human services investigated, and Gryshayeva denied ever leaving Dolci in the care of her new boyfriend - Ruiz. The county referred Dolci, her mom and Ruiz to the Child Abuse Prevention team at the Kempe Center, but they were unable to determine how the injury happened. They decided it was most likely accidental.

Almost a year earlier, Adams County Human Services looked into whether Ruiz abused his own two children, which he had with another woman. The county concluded the allegations arose from a custody dispute.

In December 2011, Anastasia Gryshayeva had another baby girl. Earlier this year, the state's child-fatality review team reported that Jefferson County was providing services for Gryshayeva and her baby. "There are no safety concerns," the report concluded.

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