Failed to Death: Summer Moon Hawk

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Summer Moon Hawk
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Age: 24 days
Born: Jan 1, 2010
Died: Jan 25, 2010
Location: Loveland
Suspect in death: Kaylynn Davis, mother

But her birth was remarkable for yet another reason: She also had THC in her system.

It wasn't that surprising that Summer's mother, Kaylynn Davis, had been smoking weed shortly before the child entered the world.

Since 2007, when Davis gave birth to Hawk's half sibling, Larimer County caseworkers had been warning her about using drugs around her kids and while she was pregnant.

A complaint the next month, in January 2008, indicated that Davis was smoking marijuana in front of the baby and not dressing her properly.

The complaint was deemed inconclusive after she denied smoking marijuana in front of her child. Caseworkers offered Davis help, though, and while she agreed to a drug test she did not complete any treatment.

When THC was found in Summer's system in 2010, Davis admitted using marijuana throughout her pregnancy.

A caseworker visited Davis where she was living - in a garage converted into a bedroom - and deemed it suitable. The room was heated by a small space heater. The caseworker told Davis she should go outside to smoke dope.

Davis missed a voluntary meeting with her caseworker Jan. 19, 2010. Six days later, on the day the social worker was planning to go visit the home, Summer died of pneumonia.

A state review into Summer's death found the baby had been sick for 10 days before she died but her mother never sought medical treatment.

Davis was charged with child abuse, negligently causing death. She pleaded guilty to of a reduced charge of negligence and was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

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