Failed To Death: Alexander Perkins

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Alexander Perkins
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 PDF Document: arrest affidavit perkins  PDF Document: fatality perkins

Age: 5 yrs.
Born: Aug 11, 2004
Died: Aug 7, 2010
Location: Cripple Creek
Suspect in death: Krista and Chad Perkins, parents

After determining that the Perkins family had enrolled their children to be home-schooled, the caseworker declined to investigate further because the staffer decided there was "no information available from reporter of abuse and neglect as defined by law."

A state review determined the caseworker should have paid more attention to the fact the children were wearing diapers and changing their own diapers in addition to focusing on whether they were registered for home schooling.

A routine check would have revealed a home that a sergeant with the Teller County Sheriff's Department later described as "disgusting," jammed with plastic bags with vomit and dirty diapers and food.

The caseworker also would have found that the children's bedroom had been rigged so it could be locked from the outside and there was no way for a child to open it from inside the room.

Finally, the staffer would have found two brothers who were malnourished and a fraction of the weight children their age normally are.

Alexander died Aug. 7, 2010, as the result of a bowel obstruction from encopresis, a severe form of constipation.

His parents said they gave him Gatorade and Kaopectate knowing Kaopectate would constipate a child further, an affidavit from Sheriff's Detective R.N. Olmsted stated.

Child-abuse charges against Alexander's mother, Krista Perkins, and father, Leon Chad Perkins, were dismissed after the prosecution filed documents stating there was insufficient evidence and/or a critical witness was unavailable.

The autopsy revealed a severe diaper rash on Alexander's buttocks. A bowel obstruction of fecal matter "hard as a rock" and the "size of a baseball" caused his death.

Read Arrest Affidavit

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