Infertility: How it affects people on a national scale

9:22 AM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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Women below 35 years old are encouraged to try to conceive for over a year before consulting a physician regarding failed pregnancy. However, women over 35 years old and fail to conceive should only wait six months before consulting a physician.

Dr. Lauren Roth talked about the difference in infertility as it pertains to age. 

"We have a lot of treatments and depending on what problems we find in the work up, that can improve chances of pregnancy. Anything from oral medications to help ovulation insemination even up to in vitro fertilization," Roth said.

Roth also talked about some of the myths regarding in fertilization treatments, and whether it can affect how many kids you conceive.

"It's certainly a risk with fertility treatments, but you're not destined to have multiple children. In fact, with the advances in technology, we have a little bit better control of that now. Specifically with in vitro fertilization," Roth said.

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Nate Chisholm contributed to this report.

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