Taxi Driver: 'My car is literally caving in around me'

11:29 PM, Dec 12, 2012   |    comments
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"My car is literally caving in around me," he recalled on Wednesday afternoon. "I'm like, I am so freaking dead."

More than 900 feet later, his cab finally broke free as it continued south on I-225 near Parker Road.

"I did two 360s, right down 225. I'm like, 'My God, what just happened?'" he said hours after the crash that was a big story on the Wednesday morning television news shows.

It all started, according to the Colorado State Patrol, with a couch.

Seconds before the crash, a group of men had walked onto I-225 to try to retrieve a couch that had fallen onto the interstate. Giese saw them in time, but he figures the drivers of the two semis behind him did not.

"I put my emergency signals on and proceeded to tap my brakes to get the attention of the people behind me," he said.

A quick glance in his review mirror told him the situation was about to get a lot more dire.

"I'm like, [the semis] are not going to stop," he said. "Then at the last minute I can hear one driver's brakes locking up, and he tried to get to the right of me, and then, BOOM, he hit right into the back of me."

That's when the situation became, according to Giese, ridiculously absurd. The semis kept moving with his cab stuck in between the two. No amount of braking on his part was going to do a thing.

"I'm looking at these tires right by my head," he said. Pictures of the side of his Freedom Cab taxi show two dark circles on the driver's side doors. "That's from one of the semis!" he exclaimed.

Giese suffered some bruised ribs and some minor cuts, but he knows his cab - which he bought himself - suffered the worst of the damage. He just bought it a few weeks ago. State Patrol has told him that it's possible that no one will be cited in all of this. His insurance policy won't cover his own car, and a lack of blame could make it difficult for him to get another car.

He worries about his future in light of all of that.

"I love this job. I have such a good time doing it, and I love seeing the people," he said.

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