Task force considering anti-marijuana tourism regulation

7:10 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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A task force has been established to develop recommendations for the governor and Legislature. 

That task force is looking at a variety of regulations including a residency requirement for the growing, selling and use of marijuana.

"We don't want to be known as the marijuana tourism state," Representative Mark Waller said.   "I don't think anybody in the state had the vision that marijuana tourism was going to be the byproduct of the passage of Amendment 64, so I think it is right and just and proper to try to limit this to the residents of the state of Colorado."

Other state legislators are looking at current laws and regulations for guidance.

"I'm still weighing the issue," Representative Dan Pabon said. "We have residency requirements for some things, like medical marijuana and not for others like liquor and gambling." Pabon is one of the 24 members of the task force.

While the residency requirement is just in the discussion stage, opponents are already discussing a legal challenge to it.

"Restricting the sale of marijuana to non-Coloradans will be entirely unconstitutional and will undoubtedly result in the state engaging in a futile law suit that they will lose and cost the tax payers a whole lot of money," Mason Tvert, an Amendment 64 proponent said.

Opponents of the residency requirement also say it is contrary to the desired purpose of Amendment 64 of eliminating underground marijuana sales in Colorado.

"I think if you start restricting the residency of people who can buy, sell and grow marijuana then you are creating a market for illegal activity and that is what we're trying to avoid," Tom Tancredo, a former Colorado Congressman and supporter of Amendment 64 said.

The task force has until the end of February to make their recommendations to the governor and Legislature.

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