Riding mountain bikes in snow

8:59 PM, Jan 5, 2013   |    comments
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But for a small group of mountain bikers like Ian Anderson, the way people play on powder is changing.

"It's just fun," Anderson said.

These brave and hearty riders are taking their specially made mountain bikes and riding them on the snow.

"Nordic trails or packed out snowmobile trails," Anderson said.

Meeting with more than 40 other mountain bikers on the frozen fields near Tennessee Pass for a 12 mile winter race on Ski Cooper's Nordic center course that race organizer Bruce Kelly says is a first for their sport.

"This is our first attempt at a strictly mountain bike-snow mountain bike race," Kelly said.

To race on snow you need special tires. So, many riders use fat rimmed tires, which are twice as large as normal tires - and part of a sport whose circle of riders has been growing larger as well.
"I think you [will] see a lot of growth in the next four or five years," Kelly said.

That's not to say this stuff is easy. Riding through snow can be grueling and when you do get to go downhill you better not take a break. That's because the slick snowy course could leave you in the snow instead of riding on top of it.

The snow bikes cost about the same as other mountain bikes, unless you factor in those fat tires which can run $100 to $150 each. But riders still say the sport will catch on, becoming the next big winter sport we read about.

"You can't help but have a smile on your face as you slip and slide through the snow," Anderson said.

If you want to try snow bikes you can rent them for $35 at Ski Cooper's Nordic Center.

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