Fracking explosives storage bunker planned northeast of Fort Collins

8:08 PM, Jan 8, 2013   |    comments
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If built, the bunker will be used by Geodynamics, a Texas company that produces explosive products used in oil and gas well hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, operations, according to the permit application available on the Weld County website.

The bunker will be a distribution center storing 4,000 pounds of prepackaged explosives for use by oil and gas "wireline" companies such as Halliburton. Those companies will use the explosives for fracking oil and gas wells, said John Jackins, New Expansion Manager for Geodynamics in Millsap, Texas.

The explosive charges, he said, will be distributed all over the region, including Greeley, Utah, Wyoming and Denver.

The bunker, which has been approved by Weld County Environmental Health Services, should cause no concern to residents, partly because it's safe and will be constructed "out in the middle of nowhere," Jackins said.

"The whole area will be gravel," he said. "It's fenced off. No grass around it. The local fire department in Nunn has been notified."

Geodynamics has built similar facilities in six other states without incident, he said.

"Our safety record is perfect," he said.

The bunker has some Nunn area residents worried, however.

"It bothers me because we're not big on fracking, of course, but the other thing is, what kind of explosives are in there? How many are in there? How safe is this thing?" said Gary Lefko, who lives near Nunn and works in Fort Collins.

He said a grass fire started around the site of an oil and gas well near his property last year. The fire came within .5 miles of his house, and he worries an explosives bunker could pose a similar threat, he said.

The bunker is planned for construction on land owned by Pierce-based RC Land, Inc., a representative of which did not return calls seeking comment Tuesday.

The Weld County Planning Commission will hold a hearing Jan. 15 in Greeley on a special review permit for the bunker, and the Weld County Commission follow with a hearing Feb. 13, said Chris Gathman of the Weld County Department of Planning Services.

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