National Rifle Association chief meets with Colorado officials

6:59 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER - The head of the National Rifle Association was in Denver and met with Colorado officials about gun control. 

David Keene met with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, Speaker Mark Ferrandino and Senate President John Morse, all three Democrats. 

"[Keene] said he would look at the legislation and give us ideas. If there are constructive ideas that don't jeopardize public safety, we're happy to take them and move the bill forward," Ferrandino said.

Morse is sponsoring a bill that would hold gun owners, sellers, and makers liable in court for damage done by semiautomatic rifles in crimes.

In their nearly hour-long meeting behind closed doors, the two didn't talk about that bill.

"I didn't broach it, because I wanted to listen. I mean, when you got the president of the NRA coming to talk with you, listen," Morse said.

Hickenlooper favors expanded background checks. 

Colorado Republicans say expanding background checks to private purchases would require a full registry of gun owners. 

They say the gun-liability measure would effectively eliminate certain weapons from being sold. 

Keene has said the NRA is "generally supportive" of stronger background checks. 

Keene says more attention is needed on mental health, which is also subject of the Colorado Democrats' gun proposals.

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