Man discovers new species deep in Colorado caves

6:40 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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GLENWOOD SPRINGS - Dave Steinmann is doing what many think can only be done by traveling deep into the vast reaches of outer space: exploring and discovering strange new life forms.

"A lot of them are albino, they have no eyes and have to feel their way around," said Steinmann, of one of these creatures.
As a cave biologist, or 'bio-speleologist,' Dave spends a lot of time at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

But his real work is underground in places like the Glenwood Caverns.

"If it wasn't for me going out and looking for them, no one would know they existed," said Steinmann.

He has located at least eight new species of insects in one cave alone! He crawls around in tight spaces where it's dark, all in search of cave creatures that are often no bigger than the tip of a pen.

"[One] little Springtail is eyeless and literally the size of a speck of dust," said Steinmann.

He's written a book showcasing some of the new life he's found in Glenwood called, "Cave Creatures of Glenwood Caverns."
The book is available on and shows only some of the life he's found. In all, Dave has discovered 100 new creatures in some 50 caves across Colorado.

This is quite an achievement for a guy who doesn't have a space ship, or even a space suit.

"Instead of a space suit we just put on underground gear," said Steinmann.

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