Linda Alvarado: A mover and shaker in construction

9:36 AM, Feb 26, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - Linda Alvarado is a well-known Colorado entrepreneur who will be featured on PBS Tuesday night. The documentary she will be featured in is called "Makers: Women Who Make America."

Alvarado is the owner of Alvarado Construction and part-owner of the Colorado Rockies. Linda has both seen and proven a lot since she started working on construction sites in 1969. Construction was a job unheard of for women back then.

"I remember walking onto the construction site the first day, and people looking at me [saying] 'What is she doing here? Is she the daughter, the girlfriend, the mistress?'" she said.

In 1974, Linda borrowed $2,500 from her parents to launch Alvarado Construction Company, and she has never looked back. The company has built and managed hundreds of millions of dollars in projects throughout the United States and even down in Latin America.

"It's not just about equality for women but equality for everyone. The women's movement is just about the opportunity, as in baseball, to get into the game and compete," she said.

One of Alvarado's favorite stories to share is about her son's career day. When he was in kindergarten, he was asked by his teacher if he wanted to get into construction and build high rises and sports complexes. He said no because, "That's women's work."

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