Registry helps donor children find siblings

10:23 PM, Nov 20, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - A family's story in Nederland is the basis of a new series on MTV. It's about kids who were conceived by a sperm donor and want to find their extended family.

In some cases, one donor can have up to 100 offspring.

Wendy Kramer says the conversation about this issue is a long time coming.

A decade ago, she and her son started a website for people conceived by sperm donation. The site is designed to connect offspring, half siblings or their donor.

When Wendy's son, Ryan, wrote the sperm bank asking for information, none came, so, he and his mom started the online registry. It's worked: with more than 10,000 matches so far and a mystery solved for Ryan. He found his donor dad and met three half siblings when he was 15.

The California Cryobank, where Wendy went to conceive Ryan, said their max for one donor is 30 families worldwide.

Wendy says matches on her site show that 30-family limit hasn't always been the case. Sperm donation is a private industry and is self regulated. There are no federal regulations regarding donor limits.

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