Cherry Creek students release balloons to support Arapahoe HS

9:30 PM, Dec 18, 2013   |    comments
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GREENWOOD VILLAGE - On the sports fields and other competitions, they are foes. But, Wednesday afternoon, Cherry Creek Bruins and Arapahoe Warriors were friends rallying to raise money for the shooting victim, Claire Davis.

"It's kind of weird to go into somebody else's school with an Arapahoe shirt and you get a lot of awkward stares and wow they went through something that I can't even imagine," Chris Davis, senior at Arapahoe High School, said. "It really does help just like knowing that people are there for you."

Hundreds of students from both Cherry Creek and Arapahoe got together after classes for a balloon release. They held a ceremony in the Cherry Creek Quad with hopes of raising between $5,000 and $10,000 for the family of Claire Davis.

"We really just wanted to outreach to Arapahoe and really come together as a state and just show our support," Victoria Brown, Junior class president at Cherry Creek High School said. "A lot of kids here know kids from Arapahoe."

As students wrote notes and messages on the 300 balloons released into the air, they say it helped release emotions as well.

"I think the metaphorical release of the balloon and releasing whatever anxieties are just holding them back is extremely important in this scenario," Teller Cunningham, Senior class president at Cherry Creek High School, said. "I just hope that by having this ceremony today that they'll be able to heal faster."

Brown says it is important to help.

"If it means that it's healing them then I think it also helps us heal, helps us cope, helps them cope," Brown said. "Anything we can do to help them is really what our main objective is."

Cunningham says students did have concerns about the environmental impact of a balloon release. He says that's why they limited the number of balloons to 300.

"The benefits to releasing the balloons outweigh the possible environmental concerns," Cunningham said.

Chris Davis says he and other Arapahoe students approach the support from those outside of their school community. It says it is a big part of the healing process.

"It's really cool so see a school that we're pretty close with reach out to us," Chris Davis said. "Just a time to think back to it and let it go."

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