Festivities keep cyclists warm on Bike to Work

2:49 PM, Dec 18, 2008   |    comments
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An effort to promote and educate riders about winter cycling, the event is in its second year, and the city sponsored seven breakfast stations throughout Fort Collins for bicyclists. Thanks to an increased number of stations and the addition of heat lamps, organizers labeled the event a success.

By 7:45 a.m., more than 20 riders had enjoyed breakfast at the Oak Street Plaza station, where city Bike Coordinator DK Kemp was greeting and encouraging cyclists.

"We want to offer resources to teach people how to bike year-round, and that's why we do the extreme in the winter - to show that it's possible to use a bike for transportation," Kemp said, adding that if you can dress to ski you can dress to be a winter cyclist.

Kemp credited local cycling businesses and organizations for making events such as Wednesday's not only possible, but a success by connecting groups within the cycling community. He specifically mentioned the fledgling group Rolling Spokes, which offers bike tours in Fort Collins and Boulder of sustainable farms, natural areas and green homes.

"The things the bicycling community offers are exciting, but sometimes people need encouragement to get involved," Rolling Spokes co-founder Molly North said. "A side effect of Rolling Spokes and other organizations is to connect people to the biking community."

As for the 52-year-old Nye, he said the temperature, which was in the low teens Wednesday morning, was a little cold, but the street conditions were great.

"This is nothing new, but it's always a challenge," Nye said while he stood beneath a space heater, eating a pancake. "But when you see other enthusiasts, it's encouraging. This is a good way to start your day, get the blood flowing and clear your mind."

Kemp said the space heaters were an added feature of the Winter Bike to Work Day, which started in Fort Collins last year.

Darin Steege, a 29-year-old cook at CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing, unexpectedly came across the breakfast station on his way into work.

"This was a pretty nice surprise for me; I would have missed out on breakfast this morning," he said.

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